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The Ballad Of Robin Hood – Southwark Playhouse, London

The Cast of The Ballad of Robin Hood at Southwark Playhouse

Writer: Greg Freeman Director &Composer: Annabelle Brown Reviewer: Tom Finch Tacit Theatre’s latest production based on the stories of Robin Hood has just opened at the Southwark Playhouse which has been cleverly transformed into The Tabard Inn, the same Inn from which Chaucer’s pilgrims set off for Canterbury. This is a neat idea which allows the ensemble cast freedom to ...

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Richard III – Cockpit Theatre, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Rae Mcken Reviewer: Karl O’Doherty How modern can a modern interpretation of Shakespeare be if the players dress in period costume and speak the original lines? To be clear, this isn’t to mean something along the lines of the atrocious film She’s the Man which was based on Twelfth Night, or even the reasonably decent 10 ...

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Titus Andronicus – Arcola Theatre, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Zoé Ford Reviewer: Chris Rogers [rating:4] In 1765 Samuel Johnson said about the play “…the barbarity of the spectacles and the general massacre which are here exhibited can scarcely be conceived tolerable to any audience.”. Bypassing Victorian stringency, it has taken Titus Andronicus a patient two hundred odd years to once again find willing spectators who ...

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Romeo and Juliet – Upstairs at the Gatehouse, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Zoe Ford Reviewer: Lizzie Kirkwood [rating:2] Arguably Shakespeare’s most popular play, Romeo and Juliet is re-imagined by Zoe Ford’s new production in 1960’s Brighton, which casts the feuding Montagues and Capulets as Mods and Rockers respectively. For a production set in 1960’s Britain, using the aesthetic of a time when popular music was at the forefront ...

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The Canterbury Tales – Exeter Northcott Theatre

Writer: Tom Daplyn &Tacit Theatre (adapted from the original by Geoffrey Chaucer) Music &Lyrics: Anthony Sebastian and Annabelle Brown Director: Anthony Sebastian Reviewer: Joan Phillips [Rating:4] Go to the Exeter Northcott Theatre for a rollicking evening of bawdy tales, lusty stories, live folk music and a sing-a-long included. Tacit Theatre’s adaptation of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has the audience buzzing before ...

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The Canterbury Tales – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Writer: Tom Daplyn (from the book by Geoffrey Chaucer) Music: Anthony Sebastian and Annabelle Brown Director: Anthony Sebastian Reviewer: Selwyn Knight [rating:3.5] The Canterbury Tales were written in the mid 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer. The background is of a group of pilgrims setting off from Southwark to Canterbury, competing to tell the best story with the prize of a ...

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