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Glory – CAST, Doncaster

Writer: Nick Ahad Director: Rod Dixon Designer: Eleanor Bull Fight Director/Choreographer: Kevin McCurdy Reviewer: Ron Simpson Jim Glory, a former wrestling star, owns a rundown gym, Glory’s Gym (Get the pun? There are plenty of those, both silly and serious). He needs money to pay the mortgage and keep the gym open and has the opportunity of entering one of ...

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Mother Courage and her Children – Albion Electric Warehouse, Leeds

Writer: Bertolt Brecht Translator: Lee Hall Director: Rob Dixon Composer: Boff Whalley Designer: Sara Perks Reviewer: Ron Simpson Red Ladder’s remarkable production of Mother Courage and her Children makes a quite different use of the industrial space of Albion Electric Warehouse from the company’s previous The Shed Crew. The audience again promenades, but between more clearly defined areas, the Community ...

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The Damed United – Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer: Anders Lustgarten (adapted from David Peace book) Director: Rod Dixon Reviewer: Joan Phillips If you are a certain age and if ‘the beautiful game’ is, as Bill Shankly put it, ‘more important than life or death’ then this is a play for you. Based on David Peace’s eponymous novel, The Damned United is the story of Brian Clough’s doomed ...

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Playing the Joker – The Grove Hall, South Kirkby

Writer: Anthony Clavane Director: Rod Dixon Reviewer: Ron Simpson When Playing the Joker was first performed at Headingley Rugby League ground in 2014, my review stated, “It needs more” – more time, research, depth of characterisation, etc. It still needs more in this new production which has added nothing. However, this Red Ladder production has much value in the way ...

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The Damned United – West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

Writer: Anders Lustgarten Director: Rod Dixon Reviewer: Jay Nuttall I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one. Just one of many quotes from the bullish, brash and brazen football manager Brian Clough. The Damned United charts the turbulent 44 days he found himself in charge of high flying Leeds United ...

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The Damned United – Shaw Lane Sports Club, Barnsley

Poster image for The Damned United

Writer:  Anders Lustgarten Original author: David Peace Director: Rod Dixon Set & Projection Designer: Nina Dunn Reviewer: Rob Atkinson Coming in from a snowy evening in Barnsley, the audience for this three-handed analysis of departed genius stepped into the white heat of one of football’s most bizarre and enduring controversies: the appointment of Brian Clough, Old Big ‘Ead himself, to ...

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The Life and Soul – Live Arts Cafe, Barnsley

Writer: Chris O’Connor Director: Rod Dixon Poet: Matt Abbott Reviewer: Ron Simpson The evening’s programme at the Live Arts Cafe in Barnsley was an excellent example of a range of performance and social initiatives coming together to reach out into the community. The Live Arts Cafe itself is an informal monthly meeting at the Digital Media Centre organised by Creative ...

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The Shed Crew – Albion Electric Warehouse, Leeds

Writer: Kevin Fegan Book: Bernard Hare Director: Rod Dixon Designer: Ali Allen Reviewer: Ron Simpson Red Ladder’s production of The Shed Crew in the Albion Electric Warehouse is a remarkable evening of what Rod Dixon terms “immersive” theatre. It works brilliantly on its own terms, but a doubt remains as to the clarity of story-telling for those unfamiliar with the ...

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