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Clybourne Park – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Bruce Norris Director: Michael Emans Reviewer: Dominic Corr The world never really changes, does it? The balance of offence, acceptance and hate simply shifts – given time, it will no doubt shift back. In a turbulent time, opinions which lay dormant are now unearthing themselves. Shifting from a culture in which the first black man was sitting in the ...

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The Effect – Oldham Coliseum

Writer: Lucy Prebble Director: Jake Murray Reviewer: May Mellstrom ‘Why are we still tied to the notion of the sane and insane? Why not call ourselves the insane and the ‘not insane at the moment’?’  With a growing recognition of the prevalence of depression and mental health problems throughout society, Lucy Prebble’s award-winning play The Effect has become even more ...

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Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Darlington Hippodrome

Adaptor: David Edgar Director: Kate Saxon Reviewer: Mark Clegg Like its Gothic horror stable-mates Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is both immediately familiar and strangely unknown to the general public. All three sets of characters are part of popular culture and yet the vast majority of ...

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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf – Theatre Royal, Glasgow

man and a woman drunk sitting on a sofa who's afraid of virginia woolf

Writer: Edward Albee Director: Michael Emans Reviewer:  Tom Ralphs In the early hours of the morning, a middle-aged couple with a complicated relationship is joined in their apartment by a younger couple who they met at an event a few hours earlier. With all four of them partial to drink, and not particularly great at handling it, it’s fair to say ...

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Cautionary Tales For Daughters – Jermyn Street Theatre, London

Writers: Tanya Holt and Robin Kingsland Director: Robin Kingsland Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Britain has a strong tradition of comic verse for children using outrageous tales of the naughty and stupid as warnings on how to behave, authored by such luminaries as Roald Dahl, Edward Lear and, of course, Hilaire Belloc, who wrote the most famous collection of Cautionary Tales. Building ...

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Private Lives – Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Private Lives - Mercury Theatre Colchester

Writer: Noel Coward Director: Esther Richardson Reviewer: Michael Gray   “Quite amusing. A bit dated.” That was a soundbite in the rush to the bar after Act Two. Possibly the same gentleman who was gently snoring during the quieter Deauville scenes. I hope he stayed (awake) to see stuffy, “I’m glad I’m normal”, Prynne kissed unexpectedly on the lips… Despite ...

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Desperate Measures – Jermyn Street Theatre, London

The cast of Desperate Measures at London's Jermyn Street Theatre

Book and lyrics: Robin Kingsland Music and lyrics: Chris Barton Director: Chris Barton Reviewer: Stephen Bates   The saying goes that anyone who remembers the Swinging Sixties could not have actually been there. It is a fair bet that most if not all of the youthful cast and creatives involved in this throwback to the era of Profumo, Keeler and ...

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Arcadia – Nottingham Playhouse

Writer: Tom Stoppard Director: Giles Croft Reviewer: Phil Lowe In Tom Stoppard’s cleverly constructed, poetic and witty play Arcadia you certainly get your words’ worth. Well if not Wordsworth then a sexy sniff at the tailcoats of naughty boy Lord Byron passing invisibly through. Artistic director Giles Croft directs this text heavy play with a lightness of touch, an eloquence ...

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