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Testosterone – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

four men one dressed as spaceman, one in gym gear, one in a stetson, one in a glitter outfit

Reviewer: David Doyle Drawing on the autobiographical experiences of Kit Redstone’s first entrance into a male gym changing room at the age of 33, Rhum and Clay’s Testosterone is an insightful, deeply entertaining, and powerful exploration of modern concepts of masculinity. In the midst of a wonderfully designed locker room, the story that unfolds before us is deeply personal while ...

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64 Squares –The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Writer: Stefan Zweig Adaptor and Director: Christopher Harrisson Reviewer: Christy Ku “When he sleeps, he dreams in black and white.” In 1939, B finds himself on board a luxury cruise liner, playing against one of the world’s greatest chess champions during a storm. However, B is not one person – but four, and they’re all trying to remember how he ...

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64 Squares – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer / Director: Christopher Harrison and cast Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Memory is a strange thing; it is a link to everything a person has ever been, thought or experienced yet it can be manipulated, distorted or completely overwritten by alternate versions of the truth. The brain’s love of order shapes these stories into a linear narrative implying a progressive ...

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