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The Worst Witch – Birmingham Hippodrome

Writer: Emma Reeves from the novel by Jill Murphy Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Nicole Craft Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch has been entertaining children for the best part of three generations. Continuing to go full circle, the television series (two versions of!) inspire yesterday and today’s youngsters to seek out the books; the books inspiring those who haven’t discovered the ...

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The Worst Witch – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Jill Murphy Adaptor: Emma Reeves Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Richard Hall At the age of fifteen, Jill Murphy began writing the first of her highly popular Worst Witch children’s books. Published a good twenty years before J K Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel, each book in the Worst Witch series follows the fortunes of Mildred Hubble, an ordinary and somewhat accident-prone young girl, ...

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Pink Mist – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

cast pink mist traverse theatre

Writer: Owen Sheers Directors: John Retallack and George Mann Reviewer:  John Kennedy Euphemisms used in modern warfare remain morally, not least mortally, ambiguous. ‘Friendly fire/collateral damage/blue on blue’ all deflect the realities of how both soldiers and civilians become explainable tactical and strategic statistics. In platform Gaming, ‘Pink Mist’ describes the score-count rewarding impact and exit of a high-velocity bullet ...

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Pink Mist – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Owen Sheers Directors: John Retallack and George Mann Reviewer: Glen Pearce When we think of battle we may think of the infamous Red Mist – a state that sees anger erupt into pure rage. Owen Sheers' Pink Mist, though, is something more subtle but way more horrific. Poet and playwright Sheers explores with devastating effect the pink mist of the ...

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Peter Pan in Scarlet – Oxford Playhouse

Peter Pan hanging in the air

Writer: Geraldine McCaughrean Adaptor/Director: Theresa Heskins Music: James Atherton Reviewer:Katy Roberts As Oxford Playhouse's inaugural production, in collaboration with the New Vic Theatre, and after a refurbishment project spanning a total of three years costing £800,000, Peter Pan in Scarlet is the perfect show to fill this exciting and fresh new space. The show is adapted for the stage by ...

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Peter Pan in Scarlet – New Vic Theatre, Newcastle under Lyme

Peter Pan In Scarlett Poster Image

Writer: Geraldine McCaughrean Adaptor/Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Carol Lovatt Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, or so it seems. The story of a little boy who can fly and lives in Neverland along with other lost boys and Tinkerbell and her mischievous band of fairies. Peter’s days are spent making Captain Hook’s life as problematic as possible while creating ...

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Pink Mist – Bristol Old Vic

The Cast of Pink Mist

Writer: Owen Sheers Directors: John Retallack, George Mann Reviewer: Joan Phillips   A series of meetings at the highest levels and one decision - to go to war - sends ripples of aftershock that affect thousands for years to come. It is not just the soldiers heading to the frontline who sign up for a tour of duty, but so ...

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