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Cardiff Boy – The Other Room, Cardiff

Writer: Kevin Jones Director: Matthew Holmquist Reviewer: Beth Steer Set in Porter’s The Other Room – which has been transformed into a shabby 90s boozer, complete with sticky carpets and uncomfy stools, Cardiff Boy is a one-man show about growing up in one of the Welsh capital city’s estates. Set to a 90s soundtrack, think indie Oasis, Jack Hammett as ...

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My Name is Rachel Corrie – The Other Room, Cardiff

Writer: Taken from the writings of Rachel Corrie Director: Chelsey Gillard Reviewer: Beth Steer With the permission of the family of Rachel Corrie, a young American activist working for the International Solidarity Movement in Gaza, My Name is Rachel Corrie has been edited from Rachel’s writings. Based on her journals and emails, it tracks her journey from life as an ...

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Hang – The Other Room, Cardiff

Writer: Debbie Tucker Green Director: Izzy Rabey Reviewer: Beth Steer Set in a time close to now, and comprised of characters known only as One, Two and Three, Debbie Tucker Green’s Hang imagines a UK in which the death penalty remains legal. But there’s a twist: the victims get to choose how the perpetrator dies. The brilliantly dark concept is ...

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Some People Talk About Violence – The Other Room, Porters, Cardiff

Devisors: Barrel Organ Director: Ali Pidsley Reviewer: Beth Steer Following their production of their debut play, Nothing, Some People Talk About Violence is Barrel Organ’s second theatre piece. Centred around four characters – a mother, brother, sister and narrator – Some People Talk About Violence uses monologue and interactivity to explore the conventions of today’s society. Addressing themes like adolescence, ...

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The Mountaintop – The Other Room, Porter’s, Cardiff

Writer: Katori Hall Director: Abdul Shayek Reviewer: Beth Steer Set in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Louisiana Motel where civil rights leader The Reverend Martin Luther King spent his last night before his assassination, The Mountaintop is a show like no other. As King tries to relax after his work with the Sanitation Workers Strike (April1968), he is met in his ...

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A Sunny Disposition -The Other Room, Porter’s, Cardiff

Writer &Director: Nicola Reynolds Reviewer: Jacqui Onions A Sunny Disposition is a powerful and emotional story of one man’s battle with addiction. Meet Charlie (played by Neal McWilliams). He is a person that you will know. His background, his personality, the reasons he does the things he does are very easy to relate to and you will know someone just ...

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Constellation Street – The Other Room, Porter’s, Cardiff

Neal McWilliams

Writer: Matthew Bulgo Directors:Chelsey Gillard &Dan Jones Reviewer: Jacqui Onions   Constellation Street is a captivating piece of new writing from Matthew Bulgo. Presented as a series of monologues, the audience is divided so as to meet the characters one by one on in an intimate setting. They each tell their story but so natural is the writing that it ...

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St. Nicholas – The Other Room, Cardiff

Writer: Conor McPherson Director: Titas Halder Reviewer: Jacqui Onions   Would you believe someone if they told you they had spent some time working for vampires? Would you believe them if everything about said creatures went against all that film and folklore had taught you about vampires? You would if it was Christian Patterson spinning you the yarn – and ...

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