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Cathy – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

woman clearly upset poiting at someone out of shot

Writer: Ali Taylor Director: Adrian Jackson Reviewer: Deborah Klayman Inspired by Ken Loach’s seminal 1966 film Cathy Come Home and reimagined for the present day, Ali Taylor’s Cathy tells the story of a hard-working mum’s descent into destitution and homelessness, and of a system that seems to work against her rather than for her benefit. The eponymous Cathy (Cathy Owens) ...

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Not About Heroes – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

two men in first world war army uniforms

Reviewer: David Doyle It is one hundred years since Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen met at Craiglockhart in Edinburgh while recovering from their involvement in the First World War. The meeting of two of the most important poets of their generation at a time of such importance for their society is one that has inspired many retellings. The anniversary provides ...

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Dave Johns: I, Fillum Star – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

man in donkey jacket and black woollen hat

Reviewer: Matthew Farnham Dave Johns spent 30 years as a stand-up comic and just found fame, as a film star. John’s tell us the story of how a circuit comedian ended up in one of the worlds most revered and socially active films of 2016. With his Geordie accent and skilled story telling, Johns weaves through the unlikely tale of how ...

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two men gesticulating wildly

Next up in our annual series of Fringe preview Q & A's it's the turn of Sleeping Trees In one sentence tell us about your show. It's three fast paced live action films based on different genres presented with just the three of us and our one man band Ben. What made you decide to bring a show this year? ...

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Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Writer: Angela Clarke, James McLindon, Adam Hadley, Bill Knoweldon, Mark Harvey Levine, Grant MacDermott Reviewer: Fergus Morgan The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show is fast becoming something of an Edinburgh Fringe institution. Offering up three different menus of short plays at 10.20 in the morning, with different selections performed on different days, Bite-Size Plays' have clearly hit upon a winning formula ...

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We Are Ian – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Kate Harvey Leave your reservations at the door and indulge in a bit of mindless escapism, We Are Ian leaves room only for a euphoric acid house danceathon that will make Margaret Thatcher turn in her grave. It begins with three young women. They are dressed in white overalls, hair knotted on top of their heads. It appears they ...

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Tank – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Reviewer: David Doyle In 1965 a researcher lived with a dolphin for ten weeks in a bid to try and teach him English. It was part of a larger project funded by NASA that was trying to work out how aliens could be taught English if they were ever encountered, a project so bizarre that it could have fit in ...

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Epic Love and Pop Songs – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Writer: Phoebe Eclair-Powell Reviewer: David Doyle Songs can define our lives. Key moments are often soundtracked by a song that is forever tinged with the memory of the moment that it played out over. In Epic Love and Pop Songs, those songs soundtrack the relationship between two teenagers, Doll and Ted, as they make their way through life, in this ...

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