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The Complete Deaths – Liverpool Playhouse

Clowning troupe Spymonkey in The Complete Deaths

Writer: William Shakespeare Adaptor and Director: Tim Crouch Reviewer: Matt Forrest When the body of Richard III was unexpectedly found beneath a car park in Leicester back in 2013, it shocked the world;however, more shocking would be that, according to William Shakespeare, he died to the accompaniment of some hardcore techno music while looking for a horse wearing a gas ...

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Measure for Measure – The Globe Theatre

  Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Dominic Dromgoole Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty A complicated play, this production gets a bit stiff at times (Shakespeare’s fault, not the actors) but fulfills the promise that a night at the Globe makes to an expectant ticket holder nonetheless. Funny at times, a bit blue, and suddenly deathly serious and moral. It veers with no real ...

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Never Try This At Home – Soho Theatre, London

Writer: Carl Grose &Told By An Idiot Director: Paul Hunter Reviewer: Stephen Bates The 1970s once seemed such a jolly decade with brightly coloured outfits, flared trousers, mop haircuts and Abba. Sadly, the light entertainment industry of that era. particularly television, has appeared in a much murkier light in recent times. This show looks at Saturday morning television of 40-ish ...

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Never Try This At Home – The Studio, Birmingham REP

Writers: Carl Grose and Told by an Idiot Director: Paul Hunter Reviewer: James Garrington If you grew up watching children’s television during the 1970s, Saturday mornings probably meant either Tiswas or Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. Broadcast by the two main TV channels of the time, these programmes went out in competition with each other which, in those pre-video days, meant choosing ...

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Cooped – Leicester Square Theatre, London

Writer: Cal McCrystal and Spymonkey Director: Cal McCrystal Reviewer: Edie R [rating:2.5] In his 1961 study of personality, American psychologist Gordon Allport found that 94% of participants surveyed thought that their sense of humour was average or above average – a statistical impossibility. Maybe that’s because we’re a race of egomaniacs, with an inflated conception of our own wit. Or ...

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Cooped – Royal & DerngateTheatre, Northampton

Creators: Cal McCrystal &SpyMonkey Director: Cal McCrystal Reviewer: Sue Dixon [rating:5.0] Cooped was described by The Royal &Derngate in their pre-show literature as a pulp-gothic-romance. I would go further - it’s like Edgar Allan Poe on speed. Originally created back in 2001, it premiered in Brighton that July and enjoyed rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival of the same year. ...

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