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Paul Dabek: Look at Me! – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

Reviewer:Mel Duncan Paul Dabek is a seasoned Fringe favourite, and a quick audience poll taken by him during the course of the performance flags up the first timers, stumbling in to chance their arm at a PBH free fringe event; audience returning for consecutive nights, bringing friends to witness the magic man and a whole host of locals returning to ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: The Fringe Rookie – Introduction

Hello, this is an introduction blog. And this is the introduction to the introduction blog. This blog will continue over the next six weeks while we prepare for and perform in the Edinburgh Fringe for the very, very first time. Oh and I’m Sarah Glennister! I write this tucked in the corner of a coffee shop in edgy Leek, where ...

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Operation Love Story – PBH Free Fringe at La Tasca, Edinburgh

Writer: Jennifer Williams Director: Marie Rabe Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:3.5] Operation Love Story is true, we get told that from the start, it’s important that we know that, as we’re told some shows are fake, some true, some a mixture of both, this is the story of Jennifer Williams, and her mission to help two people come together, this is ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Domestic Science – The Canons’ Gait

Writers: Helen Arney and Rob Wells Reviewer: Selwyn Knight [rating:3.5] Domestic Science has everything: presenters who are a celebrity couple, audience participation, guest spots, jokes, science, music, sketches, home-made “litmus paper”, a genuine real-life experiment and cake decoration. Oh! And it’s free. Real-life couple Helen Arney and Rob Wells, who are also known elsewhere as comedians and general science geeks, ...

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