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Booby’s Bay – Finborough Theatre, London

Writer: Henry Darke Director: Chris White Reviewer: Richard Maguire There are no waves in this play about surfing, but there is a shark.  The Great White isn’t the only imposter on the Cornish beach, as Booby’s Bay, a new play at the tiny Finborough Theatre, is also concerned with those city slickers who buy up property in the county to ...

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Scenes From 68* Years – Arcola Theatre, London

Writer: Hannah Khalil Director: Chris White Reviewer: Scott Matthewman   Writing about life for Palestinians in the Middle East is fraught with difficulties for those of us who have never experienced life there. Journalists who try and cover the tensions there are often pulled up, by people from all sides, on the wording they choose to use to describe even ...

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Two – Southwark Playhouse, London

Writer: Jim Cartwright Director: Andrew Muir Reviewer: Harry Stern [rating:3] There is a structural problem with this celebrated play. The audience witnesses a collection of character vignettes paraded in front of the main protagonists. The characters pass without development. They are ciphers without any real commonality except for the fact that they are all visitors to a mediocre pub in ...

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Wounded – Birmingham rep @ TA Centre, King’s Heath, Birmingham

Writer: Jenny Stephens Director: Steve Ball Reviewer: Selwyn Knight [rating:3.5] Kate Mulligan, a born-and-bred Brummie, is a Combat Medical Technician serving in Afghanistan. Following a misunderstanding with a colleague, both are injured. She is repatriated to Birmingham, full of pain from her relatively minor injury and guilt as her colleague’s life hangs in the balance. Alfie Seddon, a born-and-bred Brummie, ...

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Hard Places – Mercury Theatre Studio, Colchester

Writer: Farhad Sorabjee Director: Chris White Reviewer: Glen Pearce [rating:4] We think as national borders as a permanent feature, something immovable and solid. In reality though borders frequently shift as political factions come and go. What happens when one such border devides a community and a family? Farhad Sorabjee’s Hard Places, receiving its UK premiere at the Colchester Mercury, looks ...

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