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ED FRINGE BLOG: The Fringe Rookie – When Chalky’s Was Good

On our first fringe we have largely been playing what I assume is the prove-yourselves-newbies slot of midday, which has been great fun in and of itself but a challenge to encourage hungry, hungover festival goers to attend. What we really wanted was an evening slot more befitting of our dark surreality, so we jumped at the chance to take ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: The Fringe Rookie – Startling Dave Benson-Phillips

We’ve just begun our second week at our very first fringe and our Teasetter, Hannah has already been on the telly and secured the mobile phone number of Dave Benson-Phillips. Let me explain. Earlier this week, all five STV viewers were delighted to see Hannah’s face on a telly they share in a poorly connected hamlet in Fife. Hannah’s face ...

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ED FFRINGE BLOG: The Fringe Rookie- UB40

This weekend, I and my fellow Teasetters finally made it to our very first Edinburgh Fringe. We have got through the initial few days solely reliant on the kindness of strange men (and one woman). Let me explain. Our show Operation Perfect Teaset came about because I applied to the PBH Free Fringe on a bit of a whim and ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: The Fringe Rookie – Expectations

I was asked to write a blog on my expectations for my first time at the Edinburgh Fringe, which brings up a whole gamut of potential issues there come with having (or not having) expectations as a writer - or any creative artist, to be honest. What I’ve learned over my years trying to hone my writing and gain some ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: The Fringe Rookie – Introduction

Hello, this is an introduction blog. And this is the introduction to the introduction blog. This blog will continue over the next six weeks while we prepare for and perform in the Edinburgh Fringe for the very, very first time. Oh and I’m Sarah Glennister! I write this tucked in the corner of a coffee shop in edgy Leek, where ...

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MANC MINI: Operation Perfect Teaset

How would you describe your show in one sentence? A clutter of needlessly aggressive characters controlling each other loudly. Is this your first visit to the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, if so what interesting tales have you been told about what to expect? This is our first time at the Greater Manchester Fringe but we bumped into someone in a ...

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