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16 For 2016: Neil McPherson

Big isn't necessarily better and the 50-seat Finborough Theatre has set about proving that over and over again for the last 35 years. Founded in 1980, the bijou London venue presents plays and musical theatre focused on new writing, as well as rediscovering neglected works from the 19th and 20th Centuries. The theatre came under threat in 2015 as the ...

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BOOK REVIEW: The National Theatre Story

Author: Daniel Rosenthal Publisher: Oberon Books Reviewer: John Roberts Upon first encountering Daniel Rosenthal’s The National Theatre Story you would be forgiven for taking in a deep inhale of breath, for here is one mighty large book at just under 1000 pages without footnotes (these are provided as a separate and also rather long but equally fascinating additional download.) However ...

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BOOK REVIEW: Great Moments in Theatre – Benedict Nightingale

Publisher: Oberon Books Reviewer: Emily Pearce Benedict Nightingale is a theatre reviewer and the ex chief critic for The Times. In his charming and informative book, 'Great Moments in Theatre', he has compiled and reviewed moments from the great performances that have either changed the course of theatrical history or exhilarated and inspired audiences. Although it may be assumed that ...

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BOOK REVIEW: In-Depth Acting

Author: Dee Cannon Publisher: Oberon Books Reviewer: John Roberts Browse any theatre section in your local Waterstones and you won’t be hard pushed to find a selection of books dedicated to the craft of acting, it would appear that every acting coach from every theatrical institution have put their thoughts into a book on how the actor can improve their ...

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BOOK REVIEW: How To Produce A West End Show – Julius Green

Author: Julius Green Publisher: Oberon Books Reviewer: John Roberts There has never been a secret formula to producing a hit west end production, if there was we could all become overnight millionaires and live off the fat of the theatrical land for the rest of our lives. However what we do have thanks to theatrical producer Julius Green, is an ...

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