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Misalliance– Tabard Theatre, London

Writer: George Bernard Shaw Director: Nick Reed Reviewer: Jon Wainwright To borrow a word from the vocabulary of Johnny Tarleton, the white-suited son of an underwear entrepreneur, this hugely enjoyable production is a ripping success. George Bernard Shaw combines his usual intellectual heft with a playfulness towards dramatic convention and the literary canon, giving the audience plenty to think about ...

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Never Mind the Botox – White Bear Theatre, London

Writer and Director: Nick Reed Reviewer: Stephen Bates Welcome to Evergreen’s, a clinic in deepest Essex where youth and beauty can be restored at the stroke of a scalpel, Michael Jackson’s 'Man in the Mirror' plays on a loop and floors may be a little dusty because the vacuum cleaner is being used for liposuction procedures. Nick Reed’s new farce ...

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Immaculate – White Bear Theatre, London

Writer: Oliver Lansley Director: Nick Reed Reviewer: Stephen Bates [rating:3] Pitched to a film studio. Oliver Lansley’s one-act comedy could be described as Rosemary’s Baby meets Mamma Mia. It tells of six months pregnant Mia who, having been celibate since parting from her boyfriend nine months earlier, is confronted with the possibilities that the father of her child could be ...

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