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The Trials of Galileo – New Town Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Nic Young Director: Nic Young Reviewer: Jon Wainwright We're taken straight into the trial of Galileo and the peculiar workings of the Inquisition. He complains of being addressed in the third person, as though he isn't there, and we appreciate the irony of the judge's objectivity and inquisitiveness (he's anything but). Galileo's guilt is assumed – the man just ...

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The Trials of Galileo – The Civic, Barnsley

Writer &Director: Nic Young Reviewer: Ray Taylor Tim Hardy stars in this one-man tour de force as Galileo, put on trial in 1633 for heresy. While the play focuses on the events of that trial, it also skilfully relates other incidents in Galileo’s life up to and beyond the trial. In 1632 Galileo asserted his belief that the Earth revolved ...

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