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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Facing up to the cost of tuition

  I read a great post today on the “Book of Face”, about a parent asking a person ‘inthe know’ this question: If you get only sixhours teaching a week in a university, couldn’tyou do drama school training in the same time? It’s such a great question isn’t it? I mean there are loads of universities out therecharging the £9000 ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Mentoring the mentors

  So that’s it then – another academic year over. Or as I like to see it…I’ve survived another 12 months of madness. Of course, such is the nature of our course, in just three weeks time it’ll all start again. As I say every year, whilethe notion of a running a two-year programme makes so much sense for the ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – ‘In times of test, family is best’

Our industry is just full of contradictions – there’s the old joke of ‘How do you make an actor moan?’ Give them a job! While simultaneously there are actors all over social networks moaning because they’re not working. There’s Equity’s current scheme to raise awareness around Profit Share, No/Low pay, with their ‘Professionally Made Professionally Paid’ campaign yet, right now ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Do your research!

Apologies to regular readers of my ramblings for a longer than normal interval between my blogs. That said I’m confident that nobody has been pacing up and down the cyber corridor anxiously waiting for its arrival either. As you can imagine it’s been rather a manic time of late. 19 months of preparation came to fruition a few weeks ago ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Onwards and upwards

Where does the time go? We are just a few days away from the final part of TheMTA’s #bigmove and, of course, it’s the most exciting part of the journey. On 6th July we start the final term of this academic year in our lovely new premises. Nearly 18 months since we first started exploring our options over at the ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – You have to see it to be it

So what a monumental Tony Awards we’ve just witnessed eh? For most people in the UK that watched the live streaming last night, or indeed caught up online this morning they’ll be focussed on ‘how the Brits did’…as that’s just what we’re like in our ‘Island world’. Of course, there’ll be a few people who just watched to comment on ...

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