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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – ‘In times of test, family is best’

Our industry is just full of contradictions – there’s the old joke of ‘How do you make an actor moan?’ Give them a job! While simultaneously there are actors all over social networks moaning because they’re not working. There’s Equity’s current scheme to raise awareness around Profit Share, No/Low pay, with their ‘Professionally Made Professionally Paid’ campaign yet, right now ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Flattery won’t get you everywhere

There’s a saying isn’t there that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Now I can’t lie, I’ve never really bought into that. I’ve always seen it as you haven’t got a good idea of your own, so you’ve pinched somebody else’s? Drama colleges are all fundamentally selling the same ideal (or at least they should be)…they can train you ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – The true price of auditions

Last July I wrote this blog all about the dilemma of running an ethical audition day, and more specifically about the difficulties that we face. We hear time and time again from auditionees how unfair the audition process is to get into drama college, with the main point of the argument always coming down to money, asking why, unlike any ...

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BLOG: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Support each other in 2015

Does the man maketh the actor or the actor maketh the man? Whichever pedagogy you subscribe to – the ‘man’ pretends to be someone else or the ‘man’ becomes someone else, there is a constant – ‘the man’ Therefore it stands to reason that drama colleges need to look after the individual with a holistic approach, in order to make ...

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PREVIEW: DIVA’s Unsung – Leicester Square Theatre

One night Cabarets are currently all the rage in London’s West End as performers old and new take their chance to showcase themselves, sings songs that they love and give high quality performances for fans at a fraction of West End prices. These Cabarets really do give new or young performers their chance to be ‘seen’ but more and more ...

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