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FILM REVIEW: Mrs Lowry & Son

Writer: Martyn Hesford Director: Adrian Noble Reviewer: Dave Cunningham It is surprising that it has taken so long for the life of artist L S Lowry to be dramatised on the cinema screen. After all, his story has inspired a ballet, stage and radio plays and a number of documentaries. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Martyn Hesford’s script for ...

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The Glass Supper – Hampstead Theatre,London

Writer: Martyn Hesford Director: Abbey Wright Reviewer:Andy Moseley When the publicity for a play seems to focus almost entirely on the fact that it stars a former EastEnders actor an audience could easily imagine they were about to watch a vanity project for an ex-soap star trying to prove herself as a serious actor. Abandon any preconceptions that this is ...

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Mrs Lowry & Son – Trafalgar Studios 2, London

Writer: Martyn Hesford Director: Abbey Wright Reviewer: Christopher Hong [rating:4] Mrs Lowry is bedridden and has made a self imposed-exile from the world. She relies upon her son Laurie, a rent collector and an aspiring painter, for companionship, meals and the occasional foot rub. As the title suggests, this is a relationship dominated by the mother. She is overbearing and ...

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