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Art – East Riding Theatre, Beverley

Writer: Yazmina Reza Translator: Christopher Hampton Director: Martin Hutson Composer: Chris Warner Set Designer: Ed Ullyart Reviewer: Ron Simpson Art is one of the more remarkable theatrical success stories of the past quarter-century. Originally staged in Paris in 1994, it transferred to the West End in Christopher Hampton’s translation two years later, ran for eight years and has never lacked ...

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Julius Caesar – Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon

James-Corrigan-as-Mark Antony and Alex Waldman as Brutus in Julius Caesar

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Angus Jackson Reviewer:  James Garrington Watching Julius Caesar is a reminder of how little has changed in the 400 years since the play was written – or indeed in the past 2000 years or so. We have a man whose ambition for power seems to stretch beyond what his colleagues find acceptable. We have the people ...

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Taken at Midnight – Minerva Theatre, Chichester

Writer: Mark Hayhurst Director: Jonathan Church Reviewer: Niall Harman   Surely the ultimate fantasy of any lawyer would be to be able to cross-examine Adolf Hitler on the witness stand? Mark Hayhurst’s new playTaken at Midnightis the story of Hans Litton, the man who in 1931 did just that, and the astonishing impact it had on him and his family. ...

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The Libertine – Bristol Old Vic

Writer: Stephen Jeffreys Director: Dominic Hill Reviewer: Joan Phillips The Libertine is based on the true story of John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester. Set in Restoration London while Charles II was on the throne, Rochester has everything going for him. He is a poet and playwright, intelligent and witty, vigorously healthy, wealthy, married, and a personal favourite of ...

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The Libertine – Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Writer: Steven Jeffreys Director: Dominic Hill Reviewer: R. G. Balgray Mention John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, and it’s hard to avoid words like hedonism and lechery. A man of rare wit and ability, he was following the pathway of excess long before it became a Romantic cliché. So it might be tempting to expect something of a morality tale ...

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Antony and Cleopatra – Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Janet Suzman Reviewer: Jane Pink [rating: 4] “We think that Cleopatra was in and out of every famous bed in the known world, due to Octavius Caesar’s efficient spin-machine … which set out to ruin her reputation and totally succeeded” says director Janet Suzman of Cleopatra and we may well come to her story with inbuilt ...

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A Marvellous Year for Plums, Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester

Author: Hugh Whitemore Director: Philip Franks Reviewer: Bill Avenell [rating:5] Quite simply it was splendid from start to finish. Not a weak link anywhere, cast, direction, music, lights, the works, outstanding. A drama about the 1956 ‘Suez Crisis’ is perhaps not for everyone at first sight and the journey to Chichester was undertaken with a certain amount of trepidation last ...

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