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Stitchers – Jermyn Street, London

Writer: Esther Freud Director: Gaby Dellal Reviewer: Maryam Philpott With an overcrowded prison system, notable reoffending rates and high instances of suicide, there is an ongoing debate about the appropriate response to crime –  should we punish or rehabilitate. Lady Anne Tree firmly believed in the latter and spent a lifetime visiting prisoners and, in one extraordinary story, essentially running ...

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McLuckie’s Line – Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Writer: Martin Travers and Martin Docherty Reviewer: Fraser MacDonald Lawrence McLuckie isn’t exactly living up to his name; the down on his luck actor frantically fills the silence as he awaits the call from his agent to determine if he’s up for the dream role, the lead in a big budget Netflix movie. Whilst waiting on the call, he also ...

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The Hard Man – The Finborough Theatre, London

Writers: Tom McGrath and Jimmy Boyle Director: Mark Dominy Reviewer: Rahul Rose When The Hard Man was first performed in 1977 the play’s co-writer, Jimmy Boyle, was serving life for murder. Popularly known as ‘the animal’, Boyle had stabbed and cut his way through the criminal underworld of Glasgow, and he was famous for it. The tabloid press cried foul ...

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Preen Back Yer Lugs! – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Director: Aleksis Meaney Writer: Paul F. Matthews Reviewer: Amy Taylor [rating:5] The world has been savaged by seven brutal world wars, weapons of vast mass destruction have destroyed most of the planet; but dinnae fash yersel’; Scotland survived intact. In fact, Scotland has done so well in Paul F. Matthews’ new work, which is based on the popular Finnish play ...

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