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Beauty and the Beast – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol

Writer: Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve Devised by: New International Encounter, Cambridge Junction and Alex Byrne Director: Alex Byrne Reviewer: Claire Hayes  Bristol’s Tobacco Factory has garnered a deserved reputation for the quality of its family Christmas shows and this year’s playfully quirky Beauty and the Beast is no exception. Think Disney unplugged; New International Encounter (NIE) and Cambridge Junction under the direction ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: There Shall Be Fireworks – New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

The Plasticine Men in There Shall Be Fireworks

Writers: Simon Day and Martin Bonger Director: Simon Day Reviewer: Glen Pearce Afghanistan - a complex land full of different tribes, a rich history now scarred by conflict. It is this mix that has a huge impact on Richie, whose childhood experiences in the country still haunt him well into adulthood back in his native America. Based on true stories, ...

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There Shall Be Fireworks – Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Writers: Simon Day and Martin Bonger Director: Simon Day Reviewer:Joan Phillips Ritchie grew up in Afghanistan in the 60s where he lived with his parents while his father was involved in building a dam. Afghanistan has made an indelible impression on Ritchie – the smells and colours in the bazaars, the music and dancing surrounding him, are still remembered almost ...

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There Shall Be Fireworks – The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Writers: Simon Day and Martin Bonger Director: Simon Day Reviewer: Chris Oldham The petals of two flowers representing the planes that struck the World Trade Centre in 2001 is one of several haunting images in The Plasticine Men's new production There Shall Be Fireworks, now playing at The Wardrobe Theatre. Bringing together material from various sources, it attempts to unpick ...

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Around The World In 80 Days – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Director: Alex Byrne Reviewer: Kris Hallett It feels like Christmas has come early to Tobacco Factory Theatres. We’re so used to their wonderful Christmas shows, taking children of all ages fromfive to eightyon a magical adventure, that to find another one plonked down during the heart of summer feels quite a shock. Yet why should we save all our treats ...

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Pulse Festival: Fat Man – New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

Writer and Performer: Martin Bonger Director: Alex Swift   Beware the wrath of the gods. Should we annoy them we may end up doing a never-ending stand-up, recounting our worst nightmares in a vicious loop. In Martin Bonger’s monologue Fat Man that is the awful fate that has befallen Orpheus. In front of Zeus and the pantheon of gods, Orpheus ...

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We Can Be Heroes – Harrogate Theatre

Writer: Dick Bonham Directors:Dick Bonham, Jamie Fletcher Music:Jamie Fletcher Reviewer:Ron Simpson Sometimes We Play’s production of We Can Be Heroes (in association with LittleMighty) is simplicity itself. In Harrogate’s Studio Theatre, in a curtained acting area equipped only with chairs, Jamie Fletcher sits surrounded by any number of instruments for strumming or plucking which he varies with great skill to ...

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Fat Man – Brewery Theatre, Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Written by: Martin Bonger Directed by: Alex Swift Reviewer: Joan Phillips Meet Orpheus the greatest musician that ever lived. But that was before the tragic loss of his wife, Eurydice. The pain and regret of losing his great love has turned Orpheus from a man whose gift could divert the course of rivers, move rocks and charm birds into a ...

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