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Pageant – London Irish Centre

Book & Lyrics: Bill Russell and Frank Kelly Music: Albert Evans Director Bill Rusell Reviewer: Maryam Philpott One of the many ways that you can divide up the world is into pre- and post-Miss Congeniality, and for lovers of Miss World-style competitions and beauty pageants, this film from 2000 revelled in its snarling contestants and bitter has-beens, that has shaped ...

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Big Shot – London Irish Centre

Creator: Lauryn Gaffney Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty The musical follows Jeremy, a successful New York defence lawyer. We track him and his clients, friends and local coffee shop staff as he moves through love, career defining moments and a fair amount of anguish. In a neat little love twist, the barista/artist he falls in love with is engaged to Hank, Jeremy’s ...

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Cut Throat – London Irish Centre, London

Writers: Jean-Philippe Baril Guerard (adapted by Matt Cunningham) Director: Laura Jasper Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Is equality possible or is it something created by squeamish members of humanity too afraid to confront the Darwinian rules of natural selection? As one species among many on the planet, a speck in an infinite universe and billions of years of history, is it our ...

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The Playboy of the Western World – The Corrib Rest, London

Writer: J.M. Synge Director: Gavin McAlinden Reviewer: Jeffrey Mayhew Centuries of Anglo-Irish writing have produced a body of work pretty well unrivalled in its breadth and quality. The briefest of glances at the roster gives us, for example; Swift, Sheridan, Goldsmith, Steele, Wilde, Shaw, Yeats, Synge, Beckett … Among these literary giants are arguably some of the very finest playwrights ...

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