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Stones in His Pockets – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Marie Jones Director: Lindsay Posner Reviewer: Tate James “People watch movies for a happy ending. We don’t watch movies to get depressed: that’s why we have the theatre” Marie Jones’ wilfully witty and sometimes-sarcastic script may be packed with quips from its pair of everyday heroes, yet this charming two-hander is far from depressing. As many recover from a ...

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Love from a Stranger – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Agatha Christie Adaptor: Frank Vosper Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Matt Forrest Without a doubt, Agatha Christie is one of the most prolific writers of not just her own, but any generation, turning out over 60 books. She was also a successful playwright, having penned the theatrical behemoth that isThe Mousetrap.  However, her flirtation with the stage didn’t stop there, ...

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Hard Times – Liverpool Playhouse Theatre

Writer: Charles Dickens Adaptor: Deborah McAndrew Director: Conrad Nelson Reviewer: Matthew Forrest When you think of the stories of Charles Dickens, Hard Times probably doesn’t register on most people’s top five or even top ten, of his best-loved works. So bearing this in mind, full credit must be given to Northern Broadsides, in particular, writer Deborah McAndrew, for transferring this ...

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The Wedding – Liverpool Playhouse

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Creators: Gecko Theatre Director: Amit Lahav Reviewer: Clare Boswell The joy of watching anything by Gecko is two-fold. Firstly, one knows that they are always in for an evening of the most top-notch of physical theatre. Gecko performers have an ability to glide across a stage in an almost other-worldly manner. However, the second joy of a Gecko production, and perhaps ...

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For Love or Money – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer:  Blake Morrison | Adapted from Alain- René Lesage’s Turcaret Director: Barrie Rutter Reviewer: Daryl Holden It’s a huge gamble for Northern Broadsides to want to take a work from 18th Century France and set it in 1920’s Yorkshire. That’s why it’s no surprise when it doesn’t pay off. Don’t expect much from this story. This so-called “comedy” comprises the ...

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Pygmalion – Playhouse, Liverpool

Writer: George Bernard Shaw Director: Sam Pritchard Reviewer: Abbie Rippon Shaw’s iconic play about the role language and speech plays within the spheres of the social classes has been re-wired and re-vamped for this 2017 production by Headlong and their associated partners. Many readers will be familiar with the play, either because they know the musical My Fair Lady which ...

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The Star – Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool

Writer: Michael Wynne Director: Philip Wilson Reviewer: Tate James It is 150 years since the theatre we know today opened its doors as the Star Music Hall and, to celebrate the anniversary, the Liverpool Playhouse have made The Star the titular character of their Christmas offering as they invite us all to step back to the days of variety, with ...

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Things I Know to be True – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Andrew Bovell Directors: Geordie Brookman and Scott Graham Reviewer: Abbie Rippon Having risen to significance with productions such as Othello and Beautiful Burnout, and their work on the multi-award winning The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, Frantic Assembly has a lot to live up to with their new production Things I Know to be True. ...

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