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Nigel Slater’s Toast – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Henry Filloux-Bennett Director and Choreographer: Jonnie Riordan Reviewer: Abbie Rippon Settling into your seat while breathing in the scent of fresh, slightly burnt toast, an audience watching Toast is in for a really enjoyable, homely evening. Adapted from the novel of the same name, Toasttells the story of Nigel Slater, food writer and broadcaster, during the teenage years that had ...

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Chekhov’s First Play – The Playhouse, Liverpool

Adaptor/Director: Ben Kidd and Bush Moukarzel Reviewer: Imogen Rowe Chekhov developed a particular style in his playwriting that can be seen to evolve throughout the course of his career. Coming in at the very start, Dead Centre distil and expound the essence of Chekhov’s style, themes and characters, taking what is thought to be Chekhov’s first, unfinished, play and using ...

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Around the World in 80 Days – Liverpool Playhouse

 Writer: Jules Verne Adaptor: Laura Eason Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Tate James With mathematical precision, Phileas Fogg winds his way about the world, hopping from train to boat to elephant in Jules Verne’s 1873 novel; and it is with the same mathematical precision that this exceptional adaptation by Laura Eason bounds across the stage, dragging its willing audience across continents ...

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Mark Thomas: Check Up, Our NHS at 70 – Liverpool Playhouse

Director: Nicolas Kent Reviewer: Matt Forrest This must be the first time I’ve attended a comedy show where half way through there is a projected video of a stomach operation, whilst a laid-back jazz track plays out, with Thomas bellowing “staple, cut, staple”. But then again, this no normal show; this is a show about an institution that has impacted ...

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Stones in His Pockets – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Marie Jones Director: Lindsay Posner Reviewer: Tate James “People watch movies for a happy ending. We don’t watch movies to get depressed: that’s why we have the theatre” Marie Jones’ wilfully witty and sometimes-sarcastic script may be packed with quips from its pair of everyday heroes, yet this charming two-hander is far from depressing. As many recover from a ...

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Love from a Stranger – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Agatha Christie Adaptor: Frank Vosper Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Matt Forrest Without a doubt, Agatha Christie is one of the most prolific writers of not just her own, but any generation, turning out over 60 books. She was also a successful playwright, having penned the theatrical behemoth that isThe Mousetrap.  However, her flirtation with the stage didn’t stop there, ...

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Hard Times – Liverpool Playhouse Theatre

Writer: Charles Dickens Adaptor: Deborah McAndrew Director: Conrad Nelson Reviewer: Matthew Forrest When you think of the stories of Charles Dickens, Hard Times probably doesn’t register on most people’s top five or even top ten, of his best-loved works. So bearing this in mind, full credit must be given to Northern Broadsides, in particular, writer Deborah McAndrew, for transferring this ...

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The Wedding – Liverpool Playhouse

black and white image of five people at work

Creators: Gecko Theatre Director: Amit Lahav Reviewer: Clare Boswell The joy of watching anything by Gecko is two-fold. Firstly, one knows that they are always in for an evening of the most top-notch of physical theatre. Gecko performers have an ability to glide across a stage in an almost other-worldly manner. However, the second joy of a Gecko production, and perhaps ...

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