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Me – mac, Birmingham

Writer: Emma Dodd (original book) Director: Samantha Lane Reviewer: John Kennedy To maintain a full house audience of parents’ and toddlers’ attention for forty minutes based almost solely on a penguin chick attempting to climb an iceberg slope is a very big ask. Less puppetry, more manipulated soft toys, at least the flippers move. The pace, however, is glacial. The ...

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Venus and Adonis – Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

A puppet Venus tempts a puppet Adonis with puppeteers faintly visible behind

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer:  John Kennedy You are the apotheosis of male perfection – Adonis (the clue's in the name). The Goddess of Love, Venus (ditto) is desperate to get you in the sack and at your sacs in a leafy glade down among the blue-veined violets – best not to dwell on that image. But, Lydian ...

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Cell – Little Angel Theatre, London

Devised by Matthew Lloyd, Molly Freeman, William Aubrey-Jones &Carly McConnell Music: Emily Appleton Holley Reviewer: Elizabeth Vile “After being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, Ted goes on a trip of a lifetime…and so does his pet fish”Performed as part of the Little Angel Firsts Festival, Cell tells the heartwarming story of Ted, a man who when diagnosed with Motor Neurone ...

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Buttons – Little Angel Theatre, London

Writers: Dana Segal and Joni-Rae Carrack Reviewer: Bernie C Byrnes “Joni is a puppeteer, Dana is not. Dana is a Jew, Joni is not.” Buttons is a show about their journey to Auschwitz and the stories they discovered on the way. Using a mixture of live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation Joni-Rae Carrack and Dana Segal recount ...

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Sleeping Beauty in the Wood – Little Angel Theatre, London

Director and Designer: Joy Haynes Reviewer: Harry Stern The Little Angel knows what it’s doing. Since its inception in 1961 it has introduced thousands of North London children to live theatre. The space, an old Temperance Hall, is charming, the staff are charming and the audience arrives, predisposed to being charmed by the stories they are to be told. It ...

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Dog’s Don’t Do Ballet – Little Angel Theatre, London

Writer: Anna Kemp Adaptor: David Duffy &Andrea Sadler Reviewer: Vicki Taylor [Rating:4] Dogs Don’t Do Ballet is the delightful story of little Anna and her pirouetting dog, Biff, brought to life through puppetry. Even though the pair loves to dance, Biff is never allowed to join in with Anna’s ballet classes because, as we are reminded throughout, ‘dogs don’t do ...

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The Night Before Christmas – Little Angel Theatre, London

Writers: Ben Glasstone, Tim Kane Director: Ben Glasstone Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty [rating:4] “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house/ Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Apart from the adorable little puppet mouse in Lara's house. And Lara and her brother. And their stressed out mother. In fact, on this particular Christmas Eve, everything is ...

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Macbeth – Little Angel Theatre, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Peter Glanville Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty [rating:4] It's a beautiful thing about puppetry that it allows a creative team to be freed from the usual dimensions and limitations of a performance. A human actor may walk anywhere on a two dimensional plane, forwards and back, side to side, occasionally, and at great expense, can wires and harnesses ...

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