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How Does That Make You Feel? – Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer: John Hill Director: Manuel Bau Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Opposites attract someone important once said, possibly some physicists and Paula Abdul, but what is less clear is how long these contrary forces will stick with one another. In relationships, individuals may be drawn to the very characteristics they lack, but in the end there needs to be mutual experience and ...

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Nightflyer – Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

NightFlyer at Lion and Unicorn

Writer: Martin Malcolm Director: James Woodhams Reviewer: Stephen Bates   Teenagers high on drink or other substances are now so common a sight on our city streets that maybe we do not even bother to give them a second look. Martin Malcolm’s one-act play, set in the West of England, invites us to spend around an hour taking a peek ...

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Warehouse of Dreams – The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer: Chuck Anderson Director: Dan Phillips Reviewer:Andy Moseley   Warehouse of Dreams paints a bleak picture of life in a refugee camp, made all the more discomforting by the fact that, while a piece of fiction, it is based on true events. Unfortunately, what could be a hard-hitting piece ultimately sinks under the weight of exposition and position statements that ...

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Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer: Mary Shelley Adaptor: Adam Dechanel Director: Simon James Collier Reviewer: James Bartholomeusz On a quintessentially Gothic stormy night in 1816, a group of Romantic intellectuals found themselves unable to leave their holiday villa in Geneva. Trapped by the weather and looking to pass the time, they took turns telling each other tales of horror. Lord Byron and Percy Shelley ...

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Siren Song – Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer and Director: Lisa McMullin Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty [rating:3] There is a lot to be said for straight up intimacy in a play and the size of the room at the Lion and Unicorn can deliver a few different kinds. There's the sort where you're warmly embraced by a production, brought into an inner world, loved and trusted. There's the ...

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Cobra – Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer &Director: Charis Agbonlahor Reviewer: James Bartholomeusz [rating:3.5] 2013 has been quite the year for gender politics. In March, Robin Thicke and Pharrell topped charts worldwide with their notorious single ‘Blurred Lines’, its video accused of objectifying models as sex objects and its lyrics of inspiring sexual assault. Later in the spring, the campaign against The Sun’s topless page three ...

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Sitting with Thistle – Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer: Marietta Kirkbride Directors: Elf Lyons and Simon Kane Reviewer: Stephen Bates [rating:2] A remote Welsh cottage made inaccessible by the worst snowstorm in decades and, inside, a dead body. No, this is not an Agatha Christie whodunnit, rather it is a curious little play that edges between black comedy, family drama and suspense thriller. The body is that of ...

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The Comedy of Oedipus – Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer: Ali Salem Director: Ahmed El-Alfy Reviewer: James Bartholomeusz [rating: 3.5] Say the name “Oedipus” and most people will pause, before replying with something like “wasn’t he the guy who fancied his mum?”. The shadow cast by psychoanalysis over this ancient myth is a dark one indeed, to the extent that the protagonist’s earlier reputed escapades – solving the riddle ...

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