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Leaves on a Line – Salberg Studio, Salisbury

Writer: Dinos Aristidou Director Kirstie Davis Reviewer: Lloyd Perry   Unsure of what to expect with Forest Forge Theatre Company’s production of Leaves on a Line, it is even more puzzling when entering the auditorium and seeing on stage a live video camera with a small miniature model railway below it and a very simple and basic set depicting an ...

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Mansfield Park – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Director – Colin Blumenau Writer – Jane Austen Adaptor –Tim Luscombe Reviewer: Edie R [rating:3.5] Adapting any of Jane Austen’s novels for the stage is quite an “ask”. She’s the mistress of tacit irony and the suppressed inner life – neither of which translate easily into a play. And Mansfield Park, with its Cinderella heroine Fanny Price, defined by her ...

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Mansfield Park- Civic Theatre, Darlington

Writer: Jane Austen Adaptor: Tim Luscombe Director: Colin Blumenau Reviewer: Lindsay Sykes [rating:3.0] Mansfield Park is one of Jane Austen’s lesser known books. Using her classic formula we are treated to yet another tale of morals and love from the spinster daughter of a Hampshire country Rector. Witty and well observed, we are treated to the rituals of courtship while ...

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Mansfield Park – Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Writer: Jane Austen Adaptor: Tim Luscombe Director: Colin Blumenau Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin [Rating:4] This cleverly adapted version of Mansfield Park underscores the universal truth that Jane Austen is no writer of simpering love stores but a purveyor of pure acid.Most of the main characters are shackled by snobbery and driven by self-interest. Conformity and a sense of duty are the ...

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Mansfield Park – Oxford Playhouse

Writer: Jane Austen Adapter: Tim Luscombe Director: Colin Blumenau Reviewer: Mary Tapper [Rating:4] Accustomed as we are these days to excellent period drama on mainstream TV, is it possible to capture the essence and heart of a book like Mansfield Park in an evening at the theatre, or does the format leave us wanting more? Mansfield Park tells the story ...

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Lover’s Vows – Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Writer: Elizabeth Inchbald Director: Colin Blumenau Reviewer: Flip Miller [rating:4.5]   Slap bang in the middle of the Theatre Royal’s very popular run of Mansfield Park the actors from the show perform a script in hand performance of Lovers’ Vows. This play is best known as the play within Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. The play is a blend of romantic ...

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