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INTERVIEW: Led Zeppelin Masters’ Vince Contarino talks touring, perspex and John Bonham

It fell upon a time, befitting the British Establishment, to once and for all solve the endemic criminal fraternities’ disposition towards upsetting the equilibrium of The State through larcenous diversions - poaching a rabbit, stealing a loaf of bread, being Irish, American or Seditious - slagging-off whichever corpulent/mad George was currently squatting his fat rump on the throne. The answer ...

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The Classic Rock Show – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Matt Forrest. Remember back in the day when we used to buy CDs, that’s right a little silver disc we placed in our Hi-Fi, and music came out. This was long before downloading, streaming, and way before buying vinyl was back in vogue. When the CD was king, we were inundated with adverts for compilations albums such The Best ...

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The Led Zeppelin Masters – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewer: John Kennedy Forty-seven years ago this June a windy rain-swept Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music Festival played host to a quartet of hirsute sonic savants about to take on the world and its oyster for a stadium stomping, Holiday Inn trashing, shark-infested daughters’ abusing (allegedly) escalator ride to Valhalla and back. On a mission from God, Yardbirds ...

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