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Katie Johnstone – Orange Tree Theatre, London

Writer: Luke Barnes Director: Samson Hawkins Reviewer: Richard Maguire If only all new directors had the energetic vision of Samson Hawkins. He directs Luke Barnes’ new play, Katie Johnstone, as if it were an Olympic sport. His actors are athletes in this precise, tight production. And despite all the mess on stage, it’s as clean as a referee’s whistle.  Katie Johnstone is part of the Directors’ Festival running at the ...

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Mansfield Park – Oxford Playhouse

Writer: Jane Austen Adapter: Tim Luscombe Director: Colin Blumenau Reviewer: Mary Tapper [Rating:4] Accustomed as we are these days to excellent period drama on mainstream TV, is it possible to capture the essence and heart of a book like Mansfield Park in an evening at the theatre, or does the format leave us wanting more? Mansfield Park tells the story ...

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Lover’s Vows – Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Writer: Elizabeth Inchbald Director: Colin Blumenau Reviewer: Flip Miller [rating:4.5]   Slap bang in the middle of the Theatre Royal’s very popular run of Mansfield Park the actors from the show perform a script in hand performance of Lovers’ Vows. This play is best known as the play within Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. The play is a blend of romantic ...

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Mary Shelley – Tricycle Theatre, London

Writer: Helen Edmundson Director: Polly Teale Reviewer: Sheila Cornelius [rating:4.5] Helen Edmundson’s play succeeds where George Bernard Shaw so often failed by presenting important social ideas in a convincing dramatic framework. Her eloquent play explores a period in the life of Mary Shelley, author of ‘Frankenstein, from the first meeting with Romantic poet Percy Shelley to the near-completion of her ...

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Mary Shelley – Northern Stage, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Writer: Helen Edmundson Director: Polly Teale Reviewer: Anna Ambelez [Rating:4] Powerful, emotive, intense. A true story, full of drama, as was Mary Shelley’s life. After a vision from her mind and initial scene we are plunged into the Godwin household, reminiscent of Jane Austin’s Bennet family; this consists of William Godwin, Mary his daughter, Fanny, her half-sister, Mary Jane Clairmont, ...

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Mary Shelley – Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Writer: Helen Edmundson Director: Polly Teale Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin [rating:4.5] What happens when the intellectual power and passion of romantic radicalism clashes with the reality of debt and respectability? Writer Helen Edmundson's Mary Shelley gives us an insight, and so much more, in her finely honed look into the lives of Mary and her family. The dialogue was delightfully effortless ...

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