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Rutherford and Son – National Theatre, London

Writer: Githa Sowerby Director: Polly Findlay   Reviewer:  Richard Maguire After being instrumental in the rediscovery of Githa Sowerby in 1994, The National Theatre included her 1912 play Rutherford and Son on its list of the most influential plays of the 20thCentury. These credentials are at first hard to see in this new production directed by Polly Findlay, but a slow ...

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Beginning – Ambassadors Theatre, London

Writer: David Eldridge Director: Polly Findlay Reviewer: Scott Matthewman It is gone 3am, and Danny is the sole remaining party guest at Laura’s housewarming. They have been making eyes at each other all night, but now is the moment of truth – should he stay, or go? So begins the National Theatre transfer of David Eldridge’s awkwardly believable romantic comedy, ...

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Beginning – National Theatre, London

Writer: David Eldridge Director: Polly Findlay Reviewer: Stephen Bates David Eldridge’s new play begins at the end – the end of a drunken flat warming party. Hostess Laura (Justine Mitchell) stands at the door, but the last lingering guest, Danny (Sam Troughton), there as a friend of an acquaintance, declines to exit through it. After the play has progressed over ...

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The Plough and the Stars – National Theatre, London

Writer: Sean O’Casey Co-Directors: Jeremy Herrin, Howard Davies Reviewer: Karl O’Doherty Even for a play about collateral damage during an armed urban conflict, there’s a surprising amount of violence in Sean O’Casey’s 1926 play. Set in November 1915 and Easter 1916 in inner city Dublin, there’s plenty of shots fired and scuffles as pressure rises, but the most shocking moment ...

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Love for Love – The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Writer: William Congreve Director: Selina Cadell Reviewer: James Garrington Love for Love was written in the late 17th century – a time when theatres were places for an audience to go and have fun. They were very much part of the action themselves and expected – encouraged even – to take part and enjoy themselves. Theatres and theatrical troupes were ...

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Gastronauts – Royal Court, London

Writers: April De Angelis and Nessah Muthy Director: Wils Wilson Reviewer: Robert Cottingham [rating:3] If you go down to the Royal Court you’re in for a big surprise…In fact, the less you know beforehand the more likely you are likely to enjoy the show. It’s a food related production, the clue is in the title, ‘gastronauts.’ First, the audience is ...

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