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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: AFTER – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Creator: Liv O’ Donoghue (in collaboration with the cast: Clara Simpson, Kip Johnson, José Miguel Jiménez) Reviewer: David Keane As the end of the world approaches and uncertainty is all-consuming, two documentary filmmakers follow their subjects through the mire of emotions and struggles they face. The subjects, Clara and Kip, work their way through the seven stages of the apocalypse ...

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Danse, Morob – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer:  Laurent Gaudé Director: Olwen Fouéré and Emma Martin Reviewer: Saoirse Anton The daughter of Morob is trying to find him. Upon learning that his body is missing from its grave, she sets out with her pack of dogs to find the Long Kesh ex-political prisoner.  However, it soon transpires that this magic-realist play is about much more than just ...

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TIGER DUBLIN FRINGE: The Rest Is Action – Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

Creators: Brian Bennett, José Miguel Jimenez, Rob McDermott and Nyree Yergainharsian Director: José Miguel Jimenez Reviewer: Monica Insinga The Company, past Spirit of the Fringe (2009) and Best Production (2010) winners are back at the Dublin Fringe Festival with a visually challenging production, which does not disappoint. Using The Oresteia as a loose framework for their original transposition of what ...

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