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The Worst Witch – Birmingham Hippodrome

Writer: Emma Reeves from the novel by Jill Murphy Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Nicole Craft Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch has been entertaining children for the best part of three generations. Continuing to go full circle, the television series (two versions of!) inspire yesterday and today’s youngsters to seek out the books; the books inspiring those who haven’t discovered the ...

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The Worst Witch – The King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Emma Reeves based on the novel by Jill Murphy Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Dominic Corr Long before the boy who lived, there was a young witch who despite great intentions would always end up face first on the floor or in more trouble than she started. The Worst Witch saw a series of delightful children’s books by writer and ...

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The Worst Witch – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Writer: Emma Reeves based on the novel by Jill Murphy Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Tim Harding Panto season may have ended a few months ago, but The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry was packed with families tonight, many cheering and booing along with the antics on stage. They are here to welcome the arrival in Coventry of the girls and staff from Cackle’s ...

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The Worst Witch – Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer: Emma Reeves (based on novel by Jill Murphy) Director: Theresa Heskins Composer: Luke Potter Reviewer: Helen Tope  Goofy, clumsy and a spectacular failure, Mildred Hubble is the ultimate thinking girl’s heroine. Since the publication of Jill Murphy’s novel The Worst Witch in 1974, Hubble has entertained generations of children. A newly-inducted member of Miss Cackle’s Academy, Mildred’s dubious grasp of even the most ...

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The Worst Witch – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Jill Murphy Adaptor: Emma Reeves Director: Theresa Heskins Reviewer: Richard Hall At the age of fifteen, Jill Murphy began writing the first of her highly popular Worst Witch children’s books. Published a good twenty years before J K Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel, each book in the Worst Witch series follows the fortunes of Mildred Hubble, an ordinary and somewhat accident-prone young girl, ...

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