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Cyrano de Bergerac – The Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Adaptation: Edwin Morgan from the book by Edmund Rostand Director: Dominic Hill Reviewer: Dominic Corr Loosely (rather loosely at that) based upon Edmund Rostand’s 1897 play, Cyrano de Bergerac has previously been translated into Scots by Edwin Morgan. Returning to bring some panache into the Lyceum, delivering the concocted mythos and life of a man who embodied the true sense ...

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The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

Writer: David Greig Director: Wils Wilson Reviewer: Dominic Corr We desire the old, don’t we? So often our post-modern cravings for instant narratives, gratifications all echo our universal need for ballads. It’s why we find such charm or kitsch in firelight pubs, festivals and stories. We simply cannot, regardless of cold academics or modern technology, refute our heritage. Particularly in ...

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INTERVIEW: Lu Kemp and team talk Perth Theatre’s production of David Harrower’s Knives in Hens

Knives in hens logo

Perth Theatre continues its reopening season with a staging of David Harrower’s modern classic, Knives in Hens. Set in a pre-industrial isolated Scottish rural community, the play explores the love triangle between a nameless young woman, her ploughman husband and the hated village miller. The coming of age tale includes the young woman’s emerging realisation of the expressive power of ...

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The Rivals – Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Writer:  Richard Brinsley Sheridan Director: Dominic Hill Reviewer:  R G Balgray Difficulties abound in approaching Georgian drama without preconceptions: those powdered wigs, and convoluted manners, as the age of wit and decorum awaits the tsunami of cultural and social changes brought forth by the 19th Century. And The Rivals is firmly of its age too –  locked in a distant ...

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Rapunzel – Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Jessica Hardwick and Peter Collins in rapunzel citizens theatre glasgow

Writer: Annie Siddons Director: Lu Kemp Reviewer: Fraser MacDonald Cascadingdown the walls of the Citizens Theatre this festive season are the thick red locks of Rapunzel. This dark tale takes the audience on a journey, rather than an adventure and although daring in its ambition, it fails to hit the mark with its target audience. The tale of Rapunzel is ...

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Lanark: A Life in Three Acts – Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Alasdair Gray Adaptor: David Greig Director: Graham Eatough Reviewer: R. G. Balgray It’s a classic, Alasdair Gray’s Lanark; occupying a unique place in Scottish fiction, acknowledged for its breadth of vision, but seen also by many as a daunting read (the cast certainly have some fun with this in its Third Act). So the Citizens Theatre genuinely does an ...

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The Venetian Twins – The Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Carlo Goldoni Adapter &Director: Tony Cownie Designer: Neil Murray Reviewer: S.E. Webster As the theatrical season draws to a conclusion at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre, the resident theatre company are giving a second outing to a scotticized Goldoni play. 50 years since Victor Carin’s adaptation A Servant of Twa Maisters trod the theatre’s floorboards, the raucous laughter and applause ...

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Three Sisters – Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Adaptation: John Byrne Director: Andy Arnold Reviewer: Rachel Clark It’s out with the provincial life of Russia and in with a Dunoon naval base in John Byrne’s adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s turn of the 20th Century tragi-comedy. Relocated to overlooking the River Clyde estuary, Chekhov’s three frustrated sisters must watch the Clyde escape to the south while they remain firmly ...

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