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The Government Inspector, Theatre Royal, Stratford East

Writer: Nikolai Gogol Adaptor: David Harrower Director: Roxana Silbert Reviewer: Edie Ranvier What’s the Russian for “omnishambles”? The Government Inspector is Nikolai Gogol’s 1836 satire about a small town whose corrupt officials are thrown into a panic by the news that an official is coming from St Petersburg to vet their management. Desperate to cover up their corruption and incompetence, ...

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The Government Inspector – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

The Government Inspector, Image by Robert Day Rebekah Hinds (Superintendent), Jean St Clair (Lyapkin-Tyapkin) and Sophie Stone (Postmaster)

Writer: NikolaiGogol, adapted by David Harrower Director: Roxana Silbert Reviewer: James Garrington   “More clouds of grey than any Russian play could guarantee.” Lyricist Ira Gershwin pretty much summed up the popular view of Russian drama when he wrote those words: dour, grey and downright depressing. Anyone who thinks that describes Russian theatre in its entirety, though, has clearly never ...

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Frozen – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

Writer: Bryony Lavery Director: Jeni Draper Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Bryony Lavery’s play, Frozen, originally premiered at Birmingham REP in 1998 and won the Theatrical Management Association’s Best New Play award. It follows three characters whose emotions are frozen in different ways and sees them progress and come to terms with their pasts. At the outset, we see each character deliver ...

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