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The Christians – Gate Theatre, London

Writer: Lucas Hnath Director: Christopher Haydon Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Anybody brought up in a Christian tradition of Sunday School and regular church visits will be familiar with the parables of the Gospels. For some young people it is their first real encounter with the morality tale, self-contained stories with a clear-cut moral that should be applied to real life. And ...

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The Christians – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Lucas Hnath Director: Christopher Haydon Reviewer: John Roberts Going from a 75 seat fringe venue in London, to a large regional venue and still keep the tight intimacy needed for a show such as The Christians is no easy feat, but The Gate Theatre manage to pull it off with thought provoking aplomb. Lucas Hnath’s production at surface level, ...

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Don’t Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong – Cockpit Theatre, London

Writer: Rahila Gupta Director: Guy Slater Reviewer: Harry Stern [rating:4] Theatre does tragedy. Every day somewhere in the world a King Lear goes mad, Macbeth’s vaulting ambition propels him towards his downfall and countless other tragic figures speed to their inevitable decline. Done well it is genuinely affecting, life-changing even. But when it is the tragedy of a child that ...

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