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A Doll’s House – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Henrik Ibsen Adaptor: Bryony Lavery Director: Greg Hersov Reviewer: Jimmy Hardwick [Rating:4] When Ibsen’s A Doll’s House was first performed both its message and its denouement caused widespread shock and distress among critics and audiences. Indeed Ibsen bowed to intense pressure to write a more palatable ending for the German stage and much regretted that he had. Happily this ...

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The Sacred Flame – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Somerset Maugham Director: Matthew Dunster Reviewer: David Noble [rating:2] How to describe The Sacred Flame? Unlike the majority of Somerset Maugham’s plays, it occupies the rare ground of murder mystery cum romantic comedy (yes indeed), and follows the circumstances surrounding the death of paralysed ex-pilot Maurice Tabret, with a far too short lived rôle for the generally excellent Jamie ...

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The Sacred Flame – Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames

Director: Matthew Dunster Writer: W Somerset Maugham Reviewer: Lettie Mckie [rating:2] The decision to revive a forgotten play is often fraught with difficulty and the pressures involved have both made and broken many a career. The popularity of playwrights ebb and flow with the tide of fashion and it is only the bravest of directors who break out against the ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Coalition – Pleasance Dome

Writer: Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:4] It has been a long time since UK politics yielded a character interesting enough to father a truly biting political satire. That is not to say that during the years of Tory and Labour rule there were not a raft of odious, double-dealing players – far from it – but ...

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