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X – The Royal Court, London

Jessica Raine and Ria Zmitrowicz in X

Writer:Alistair McDowall Director:Vicky Featherstone Reviewer: Maryam Philpott     Space fascinates and terrifies us in equal measure; we have a need to explore, chart and conquer but the expanse and infinity of Space and what might be lurking in it can make the human race seem inconsequential. So many films and TV shows have been devoted to inter-planetary exploration from ...

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Absence of War – Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Writer: David Hare Director: Jeremy Herrin Reviewer: Fraser MacDonald The 2015 election is looming and Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre is celebrating the occasion with a razor sharp political drama which gives us a little insight into what may be gong in behind closed doors. Premiered in 1993 by the National Theatre, Absence of War mirrors in all but names the internal ...

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The Absence of War – Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Writer: David Hare Director: Jeremy Herrin Reviewer: Sheila Stratford It is the run up to the election and George Jones is the Labour Leader in opposition. We follow him and his immediate campaign team in the gruelling three weeks before the election. George Jones is struggling to get his message across to the people. He is constrained by a hostile ...

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