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Peter Pan – Park Theatre, London

Writer: J. M. BarrieDirector: Jonathan O’BoyleReviewer: Scott MatthewmanAll children, except one, grow up. Until then, there is plenty of time for fantasy – as J M Barrie’s classic play Peter Pandemonstrates. Barrie’s play works best in the context of a child observing the world through the sleepy prism of bedtime stories, just as Peter catches snippets of Cinderella through the bedroom ...

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Peter Pan – The Dukes, Lancaster

Writer & Director: Sarah Punshon Reviewer: May Mellstrom With just a sprinkling of fairy dust, J.M. Barrie's timeless tale of the boy who never grew up is brought to life in this years festive production from The Dukes.  Artistic Director Sarah Punshon writes and directs this new version of Peter Pan and ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy. ...

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Wendy and Peter Pan – The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh

Adapted by Ella Hickson from the book by J.M Barrie Directed by Elanor Rhode Reviewer: Dominic Corr Fantastical literary classics usually sit in the epicentre of festive cheer. From pantomime to nativities and stage adaptations of the likes of Alice in Wonderland or Narnia. One boy, who chased his shadow through London and back to Neverland flies above the rest. ...

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Peter Pan – Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, London

Writer: J M Barrie Directors:  Timothy Sheader and Liam Steel Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Raised on adventure stories and barely out of school, a generation of young men went off to war between 1914-1918 only to find that the pirate swords had been replaced by shell fire, mines and gas. Suddenly the imaginings of J.M. Barrie seemed to belong to another ...

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Peter Pan – The Alhambra, Bradford

Writer: Michael Harrison and Alan McHugh, adapted from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie Musical Director: James McCullagh Choreographer: Stillie Dee Director: Ed Curtis Reviewer: Sue Collier A delightful children’s choir and a wonderful Santa gives a great welcome to the Alhambra. 3D glasses are clutched in excited anticipation in a theatre packed with children and adults, all eagerly awaiting the ...

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Peter Pan – New Theatre, Cardiff

Adapted by Jonathan Kiley and Alan McHugh (from the original story by J.M. Barrie) Director: Tudor Davies Reviewer: Barbara Michaels This year's panto at the New Theatre is a thrilling, swashbuckling affair as Peter Pan flies into Cardiff. In a show that is full of lavish dance routines and spectacular scenery. J.M.Barrie's classic tale of the boy who never grew ...

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Peter Pan in Scarlet – Oxford Playhouse

Peter Pan hanging in the air

Writer: Geraldine McCaughrean Adaptor/Director: Theresa Heskins Music: James Atherton Reviewer:Katy Roberts As Oxford Playhouse's inaugural production, in collaboration with the New Vic Theatre, and after a refurbishment project spanning a total of three years costing £800,000, Peter Pan in Scarlet is the perfect show to fill this exciting and fresh new space. The show is adapted for the stage by ...

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The Russian Ice Stars: Peter Pan On Ice – Hall For Cornwall, Truro

Music: Silvio Amato Choreographer: Ludmila Butskova Reviewer: Jess Rowe The Russian Ice Stars' twist on J.M Barrie’s classic children's novel brings a magical delight of excitement for children of all ages, aged 5 to 90. Retelling the well-known adventure of the Darling children as they leave their London home one spellbinding evening with the boy who never wants to grow ...

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