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PULSE FESTIVAL: Live Before You Die – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Byron Vincent Reviewer: Paul Couch By his early teens, Byron Vincent was sleeping rough and taking drugs. Then he sold them. Even from an early age, it seems his life was in a terminal decline of nihilistic behaviours born partly from his upbringing on one of Britain’s roughest sink estates and partly from his bipolar illness. Later, he became an ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: “Tanja” – New Wolsey Theatre Studio, Ipswich

SBC Theatre Tanja

Writer: Rosie MacPherson Director: Hannah Butterfield Reviewer: Paul Couch Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre in Bedfordshire has seen its fair share of controversy, from claims that officers were instructed to lock detainees in when the building caught fire in 2002, to hunger strikes and allegations of sexual and physical abuse. In the UK, we are told emphatically, suspected terrorists may be detained for ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: The Road To Huntsville – New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

The Road To Huntsville

Writer: Stephanie Ridings Director: Jonathan V McGrath Reviewer: Glen Pearce The internet is a scary place. For every funny cat video, and Stephanie Ridings has plenty of those, there’s much darker content such as sites allowing you to become a pen pal with a prisoner on death row in America. It's a topic Ridings explores in her one-woman show The Road To ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: Hervé – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich


Writers: Michael Birch and Hervé Goffings Performer: Hervé Goffings Director: Michael Birch Reviewer: Glen Pearce There’s a strong sense of the autobiographical in this year’s Pulse Festival, and Michael Birch and Hervé Goffing’s Hervé continues the theme. The tale of a French-African, born in Mali but adopted at birth by a white Belgian couple, Hervé invites us to accompany him ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: Learning How To Die – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Luca Rutherford Director: Iain Bloomfield Reviewer: Paul Couch Death seems to be a popular topic at this year's Pulse Festival. Amid several other entries on the same subject, Luca Rutherford's piece Learning How to Die offers us an alternative to moping about in hushed tones waiting for the Grim Reaper to come a-knocking. But this is no exploration of grief ...

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PULSE POINTS: The Plasticine Men – There Shall Be Fireworks

The Plasticine Men in There Shall Be Fireworks

Ipswich's Pulse Festival returns to the New Wolsey Theatre 1-10 June 2017, packed with over 50 events to thrill and entertain. To help you decide what to see, we're running our Pulse Points Previews, asking performers to tell us about their productions. Here, Simon Day of The Plasticine Men tells us about There Shall Be Fireworks which is performed at ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: EUROHOUSE – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca in Eurohouse

  Writers and Performers: Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca Reviewer: Glen Pearce There’s something quietly disconcerting about Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca's Eurohouse. Theatrical convention is thrown out of the door as we are all encouraged to introduce ourselves to the person sitting next to us and then all join hands in a circle and that’s even before the show ...

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