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INTERVIEW: Counting Sheep at the VAULT Festival: Genuinely Interactive

Most shows at the VAULT Festival only run for five days, but a select few have longer runs including this year’s feature show Counting Sheep. Based on the Kiev uprising in 2014, audience members restage the revolution in a thrilling show designed by people who were there and by the Free Theatre of Belarus. The Reviews Hub caught up with ...

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The Time Capsule: A Pick Your Own Adventure Play – Landor Space, London

Devisers: Kirsty Langley, Sarah Rickman and PJ Stanley Director: PJ Stanley Reviewer: Scott Matthewman A popular range of children’s books in the 1980s was the Choose Your Own Adventure series, which required the reader to make decisions at the bottom of each page that would potentially veer the story off into radically different directions. Theatre company The Juice Factory is aiming ...

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You Once Said Yes – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Morgan Lloyd Malcolm &Katie Lyons Director: Ellie Browning Reviewer: Laura Maley [rating:5] To get the full experience of You Once Said Yes, it is essential that reviewers and other audience members don’t give away the surprises. You Once Said Yes is so thrillingly good that – luckily for all involved in the show – the audience wants to keep ...

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Make Better Please – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Writer: Uninvited Guests in collaboration with Lewis Gibson Director: Paul Clarke Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating: 3.5] Make Better Please is not so much a piece of theatre as it is a happening: beginning with a very civilised discussion of the day’s newspapers over an enormous pot of tea, it metamorphoses into a surreal exorcism that involves the audience at every ...

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