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Bread & Roses – Oldham Coliseum

Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Amanda Huxtable Reviewer: May Mellstrom Asked to write a 'state of the nation play' for Oldham Coliseum, playwright Ian Kershaw has chosen to look to the past in order to comment on the present.  Not the recent past, nor the local, instead, telling the story of the so-called 'Bread & Roses Strike' of 1912 in Lawrence, ...

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Council Depot Blues – Royal Court, Liverpool

Writer: Dave Kirby  Director: Bob Eaton Reviewer: Matt Forrest We’ve all been there, stuck in a job you hate that stifles your hopes and aspirations, whilst believing that what one day you’ll escape and go on to live your dream, whatever that may be. It doesn’t matter how you get there but get there you must. Writer Dave Kirby has drawn ...

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The Scouse Nativity – Royal Court, Liverpool

Writer: Kevin Fearon Additional Material/Director: Cal McCrystal Reviewer: John Roberts   If we are to be truly honest, then the Christmas shows over the past few years at The Royal Court have been a little hit and miss – the productions have tried to rely on the same formula of past successes and left little to the imagination, thankfully this ...

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Scouse of the Rising Sun – Royal Court, Liverpool

Writer: Kevin Fearon Director: Bob Eaton Reviewer: John Roberts Regular lead in the Royal Court's Christmas show Michael Starke has jumped ship to the Playhouse Theatre to take the lead in new musical hall inspired show The Star and it would appear he is not the only one taking a break from the festivities this year – the critically acclaimed ...

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The LadyKillers – The Coliseum, Oldham

Writer: Graham Linehan Director: Kevin Shaw Reviewer: Ruth Gerrard Having been a hit in at the Liverpool Playhouse and in the West End previously, it is time for the Coliseum in association with Harrogate Theatre,to present this adaptation of the 1955 Ealing Studios film of the same name. When lovely old widow Mrs Wilberforce (Roberta Kerr) advertises a room to ...

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The Golden Oldies – Royal Court, Liverpool

Ethane Browne as Beryl in The Golden Oldies

Writer: Dave Simpson Director : Bob Eaton Reviewer: John Roberts   The Golden Oldies may not re-invent the theatrical wheel, it may not have anything new to say, but what it lacks in originality it more than makes it up with a genuine sense of warmth. Adele (Ruth Alexander Rubin) heads up an over 60s community choir in a New ...

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Pharaoh Cross The Mersey – Royal Court, Liverpool

Production photo of Pharaoh Cross The Mersey

Writer: Fred Lawless Director: Howard Gray Reviewer: John Roberts   Following on from last year’s Christmas production Scouse of the Antarctic, Pharaoh Cross The Mersey sees love-bird protagonists Boris the Russian Sailor (Michael Fletcher) and Liverpool University student Daisy (Hayley Hampson) become engaged and now holidaying in the sunny climes of Egypt. However, a token of their love holds a ...

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Scouse of the Antarctic – Royal Court, Liverpool

Writer: Fred Lawless Director: Howard Gray Reviewer: Helen Patrick Will Jimmy ever find true peace and quiet? Jimmy, who hates students, has moved from Liverpool (home of thousands of them) for ten months of the year, to the Antarctic in the hope of finding some relief from the endless stream of “young drunken fools.” Here he makes friends with Kylie ...

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