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The Animals and Children Took To The Streets – HOME, Manchester

Music: Lillian Henley Writer/Director: Suzanne Andrade Reviewer: Sam Lowe “Granny’s Gum Drop?” a mysterious woman asks walking around the auditorium handing out sweets to the audience. People are compelled to take them, even if they don’t end up eating them. This is no innocent gesture in kind as the sweets are for a political purpose. The performers tonight are: Felicity ...

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Outrage – HOME, Manchester.

Writers/Directors: Matt Rogers and Natalie Bellingham Reviewer: Sam Lowe Incoming Festival recently landed in Manchester. Before you know it the festival is almost finished, ready to take off until next year. Tonight's offering is Uncanny Theatre's last show of Outrage. This is a contemporary performance, performed in a presentational style, about social media and how everyone wants to be famous. ...

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DollyWould – HOME, Manchester

Creators: Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit Reviewer: Sam Lowe Sh!t Theatre is an intriguing name for a company, considering Mothersole and Biscuit have devised a baaarilliant performance. Yes, this is a contemporary performance where Dolly Parton and Dolly the Sheep share the same stage. It unpacks what cloning is in a literal and metaphorical sense, and utilises it to reflect ...

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Winter Solstice – Home Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Roland Schimmelpfennig Translator: David Tushingham Director: Alice Malin Reviewer: Sam Lowe Have we come to watch a rehearsal or a play? The audience is first welcomed with a rehearsal room set, an intriguing design by Lizzie Clachan. We see desk chairs and tables littered with post-it notes, half-full water bottles, highlighters, snacks, and the list goes on. Have they ...

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Operation Black Antler – Home, Manchester

Writer/Directors: Matt Adams, Richard Hahlo, Jem Wall, Ju Row Farr, Nick Tandavanitji Reviewer: Matt Forrest The chances are if you utter the words “Forget about it” in a faux Italian accent, someone within ear shot will reply “Forget about it” back, such is the appeal and fondness for the 1997 film Donnie Brasco, which saw Johnny Depp go deep undercover ...

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Rose – Home Theatre, Manchester.

Janet Suzman as Rose sits on a white stool

Writer: Martin Sherman. Director: Richard Beecham. Reviewer: Sam Lowe. Martin Sherman's play first premiered at the National Theatre in 1999, and today it is still relevant and poignant. Rose is a one person show about an eighty-year-old woman called Rose who lives in Miami, Florida. Rose takes the audience on a journey through her long life, this is an epic ...

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