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REVIEW: A Bench on the Edge – Hens and Chickens Theatre, London

Writer: Luigi Jannuzzi Director: Ben Anderson Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The “To be or not to be” speech from Hamlet is one of the most famous in the English language, examining the value of life against the acceptance and fear of inevitable death, a fundamental debate about the human condition. Luigi Jannuzzi’s play A Bench on the Edge is clearly influenced ...

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Abducting Diana – Hens and Chickens Theatre, London

Writer: Dario Fo Director: Michael Ward Reviewer: Maryam Philpott With political theatre returning to the mainstream in the past year, it was only a matter of time before Dario Fo’s work was revived. With a particular focus on the failures of capitalism that ensures the poor are exploited to protect the rich, Fo’s extensive work over 60 years remains distinctiveness. ...

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The Passion of the Playboy Riots – Hen & Chickens, London

Writer and Director: Neil Weatherall Reviewer: Maryam Philpott There isn’t very much rioting in playhouses these days, and whatever the views of the writer, going to the theatre has become a rather sedate affair. But this was far from the case in the early 20th Century when WB Yeats and Lady Gregory established the Irish National Theatre Society, in essence ...

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse – Hen and Chickens, London

Devised by: The Cast Reviewer: Maryam Philpott For an actor, being on stage and forgetting your lines is one of the worst experiences they can have, but imagine if there are no lines in the first place, in fact there’s no script of any kind, no inkling of the plot and throughout the hour-long show you have no idea what ...

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The Hole – Hens & Chickens Theatre, London

Writer: N. F. Simpson Director: Michael Ward Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   There’s not a lot of absurdist theatre to be found in London, not even on the fringe, and the reason is that it’s so difficult to get right. In theory, it shouldn’t be any different from any other type of play, as both have to create fantasy worlds that ...

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We Just Keep Going – Hens & Chickens Theatre, London

  Writer: Elle van Knoll Director: Helen Oakleigh Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   From soap opera to Shakespeare, the family is at the heart of British drama whether it’s Hamlet railing against the death of his father or the Mitchells covering up each other’s crimes in Eastenders. Its popularity as a setting is understandable given it is something almost everyone has. ...

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