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Sundowning- Tristan Bates Theatre, London

Writer: Nessah Muthy Director: Helena Bell Reviewer: Grace Patrick There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love go through dementia. It’s absolutely brutal: the person can change beyond recognition, and at the same time they may no longer recognise you. Your ability to comfort and to connect is all too often destroyed, and it’s this deep and aching pain that ...

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The Secret Keeper – Curve, Leicester

Writer: Angela Clerkin Director: Angela Clerkin and Lucy J Skilbeck Reviewer: James Garrington Confession, they say, is good for the soul. What happens, though, to those who hear the secrets confessed; and may there be consequences? This is the basic premise of Angela Clerkin’s The Secret Keeper. The Doll’s House Maker has been unhappy for nine years, ever since his ...

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The Secret Keeper – Ovalhouse, Kennington

 cWriter: Angela Clerkin Director: Angela Clerkin and Lucy J. Skilbeck Reviewer: David Guest In the week that the news media is filled with celebrities claiming everyone knew about film producer Harvey Weinstein’s secrets but was afraid to say anything, the new play by Angela Clerkin couldn’t be more timely. The Secret Keeper is a grim fairy tale for modern times with ...

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Frozen – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

Writer: Bryony Lavery Director: Jeni Draper Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Bryony Lavery’s play, Frozen, originally premiered at Birmingham REP in 1998 and won the Theatrical Management Association’s Best New Play award. It follows three characters whose emotions are frozen in different ways and sees them progress and come to terms with their pasts. At the outset, we see each character deliver ...

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