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No Kids – The Lowry, Salford

Director: Nir Paldi and George Mann Reviewer: Andrea Allen To have children, or to not have children. That is the question Ad Infinitum confront inNo Kids, a no-holds-barred, devastatingly brilliant two-hander about a same-sex couple confronting the ethical, environmental and self-sacrificing implications one faces considering raising a child in the 21stcentury. Performed and devised by Ad Infinitum co-founders and real-life ...

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LATITUDE: Theatre Ad Infinitum – No Kids, Theatre Arena

Writer & Director: George Mann and Nir Paldi Reviewer: Kris Hallett Nir and George are partners, artistically and in real life. Over the past decade they have built up their company Theatre Ad Infinitum and their lives up to a position of stability and respectability and are now ready to ask one of life’s most pressing questions; is it time ...

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Translunar Paradise – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol

Writer: George Mann Director: George Mann Reviewer: Joan Phillips More theatre at its best at the Factory Theatre, Bristol, with Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Translunar Paradise. Just three people on stage and not a word is spoken in this short, simply staged, moving story. But the effect on the audience is as powerful as a full-length play or cinema ‘weepy’. Written ...

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Medea – Bristol Old Vic

Four woman reaching towards a fifth at their centre

Writer: Euripides Translator: Robin Robertson Writer (Modern Story): Chino Odimba Director: George Mann Of the many interpretations of the classical Greek myth of Medea, only Euripides’ version has survived in full. A woman driven to extremes, delivering the ultimate act of vengeance on the man who betrayed her for another, and consequently demonised as an unnatural she-devil. George Mann, director ...

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Pink Mist – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

cast pink mist traverse theatre

Writer: Owen Sheers Directors: John Retallack and George Mann Reviewer:  John Kennedy Euphemisms used in modern warfare remain morally, not least mortally, ambiguous. ‘Friendly fire/collateral damage/blue on blue’ all deflect the realities of how both soldiers and civilians become explainable tactical and strategic statistics. In platform Gaming, ‘Pink Mist’ describes the score-count rewarding impact and exit of a high-velocity bullet ...

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Pink Mist – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Owen Sheers Directors: John Retallack and George Mann Reviewer: Glen Pearce When we think of battle we may think of the infamous Red Mist – a state that sees anger erupt into pure rage. Owen Sheers’ Pink Mist, though, is something more subtle but way more horrific. Poet and playwright Sheers explores with devastating effect the pink mist of the ...

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The Odyssey – Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Writer/Director: Nir Paldi Writer/Performer: George Mann Reviewer: Kris Hallett A person walks across a space and another watches. This in essence, with a doff of a cap to Peter Brook, is theatre. The art-form has always encompassed a massive compendium of parts, for every big mass marketed spectacle, your Wickeds or Disney factory tent poles, you have works like this, ...

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Pink Mist – Bristol Old Vic

The Cast of Pink Mist

Writer: Owen Sheers Directors: John Retallack, George Mann Reviewer: Joan Phillips   A series of meetings at the highest levels and one decision – to go to war – sends ripples of aftershock that affect thousands for years to come. It is not just the soldiers heading to the frontline who sign up for a tour of duty, but so ...

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