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Living with the Lights On – Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Writer and performer: Mark Lockyer Director: Ramin Gray Reviewer: Claire Hayes Mark Lockyer portrayed a convincingly complex Iago in the Tobacco Factory’s Othello earlier this year, unleashing the dark and destructive forces of a master manipulator on those most deserving of his loyalty. Now he returns to the Factory Theatre in his one-man show Living with the Lights On, recounting ...

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Heather – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: Thomas Eccleshare Director: Valentina Ceschi Reviewer: Joan Phillips It isn’t long before the turning point in Thomas Eccleshare’s short play hits you like an electric shock. In only 50 minutes Heather has us sitting on the edge of our seats as Eccleshare’s play points out the fragility of the assumptions any of us might make about the people we come across ...

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Translunar Paradise – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol

Writer: George Mann Director: George Mann Reviewer: Joan Phillips More theatre at its best at the Factory Theatre, Bristol, with Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Translunar Paradise. Just three people on stage and not a word is spoken in this short, simply staged, moving story. But the effect on the audience is as powerful as a full-length play or cinema ‘weepy’. Written ...

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13 – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol

Writer: Mike Bartlett Director: David Mercatali Reviewer: Joan Phillips First staged in 2011, Mike Bartlett’s play, 13, resonates with today’s world more than ever with its ominous portrayal of a nation on the verge of a social and political breakdown. But sadly its disappointments are much the same. Bartlett’s depiction of a political system under siege from the rise in ...

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A Brimful of Asha – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol.

Asian man and woman

Writer: Ravi Jain and Asha Jain Director: Ravi Jain Reviewer: Joan Phillips Welcoming the audience as we enter the theatre space with open arms and delicious, warm samosas, Ravi Jain and Asha Jain immediately make us feel at home as they seat themselves around their family dining table. The son of successful, immigrant Indian parents, Ravi was born and raised ...

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The Marked –  Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Two men and a wooden crate

Deviser: Theatre Témoin Director: Ailin Conant Reviewer : Joan Phillips Jack is haunted by demons from his childhood. Now a young adult, his nightmares have followed him into the decrepit parts of our towns where he makes a home for himself with other struggling homeless. The Marked is set in the parts of towns most of us never need or ...

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Coulrophobia – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writers: Dik Downey, Adam Blake and John Nicholson Director: John Nicholson Reviewer: Joan Phillips Clowns have been in the news recently thanks to the so-called ‘creepy clown craze’. With a title like Coulrophobia, the dictionary term for an abnormal fear of clowns, you might be in danger of getting the wrong idea for this show. Despite the title, and the ...

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer : Le Navet Bete collaboration Director : Mark Laville Reviewer : Joan Phillips Le Navet Bete returns to Bristol’s Tobacco Factory after last year’s successful Dick Tracy. Drawing on its clowning roots, this hugely talented company have produced some great comic shows and the levels of excited anticipation in the audience are high as we’re lead to our seats ...

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