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Eventide – Brewery Theatre, Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Kris Hallett It doesn't take long to realise that writer Barney Norris is the real deal. Within five minutes ofEventide, his follow-up piece to his award-winning debutVisitors,you feel yourself relaxing back in your seat aware that you're in safe hands. Without needing to resort to major narrative plot points or high stakes character ...

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Eventide – Arcola Theatre, London

  Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   How can we ever determine the impression we have on another person’s life? As separate individuals we live surrounded by communities but it is impossible to really understand or experience another person’s life. Barney Norris’s new play Eventide set in a village pub garden explores the life of three ...

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The Heresy of Love – Shakespeare’s Globe, London

  Writer: Helen Edmundson Director: John Dove Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   The 16th and 17th centuries were a period full of crisis and schism for the Christian church as the primacy of the Pope was questioned by monarchs seeking absolute power in their own realms. But this was more than a philosophical divide; it would cost countless lives and even ...

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As You Like It – Shakespeare’s Globe, London

  Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Blanche McIntyre Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   As You Like It isn’t one of Shakespeare’s better plays, although it is a very popular one. Its narrative is rather thin and most of the characters lack a rounded depth - that is not to say it is a bad play but the comedies are in some ways ...

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Much Ado About Nothing – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Maria Aberg Reviewer: John Roberts The Royal Exchange has always had a great reputation for their yearly Shakespeare productions. There is an element of respecting the words carefully crafted by The Bard and injecting them with an accessible sense of modernity and delivered by a strong ensemble cast and on the whole this is exactly what ...

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