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The Great Gatsby – Harrogate Theatre

Poster image for The Great Gatsby

Writer: F Scott Fitzgerald, stage adaptation by Stephen Sharkey Music: Ellie Verkerk Director: Eliot Giuralarocca Choreographer: Bronya Deutsch Reviewer: Janet Jepson You can’t repeat the past Nick Carroway warns the wealthy Great Jay Gatsby, but we have to wonder if the lavish parties and decadent lifestyle mean that Gatsby is trying to do just that, or merely aiming to wipe ...

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The Great Gatsby – Greenwich Theatre, London

Writer: F. Scott Fitzgerald Adaptor: Stephen Sharkey Director:Eliot Giuralarocca Reviewer:Dan Humphrey   The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest novels ever written, with beautifully complex characters speaking beautifully flawless prose. Thankfully Stephen Sharkey’s adaptation for Blackeyed Theatre at least keeps the flawless prose. In the novel, Nick’s narration frames his position as an outsider; he may live in West ...

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Not About Heroes – Theatre Royal, Winchester

Director: Eliot Giuralarocca Writer: Stephen MacDonald Reviewer: Sharon MacDonald-Armitage With the commemoration of the outbreak of World War I keenly in the nation’s mind it is apt that the Blackeyed Theatre in association with South Hill Park are touring Stephen MacDonald’s Not About Heroes, a poignant and emotional piece about the meeting of two of the country’s eminent and famous ...

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Alarms and Excursions – The Theatre, Chipping Norton

Writer: Michael Frayn Director: John Terry Reviewer: Matt Dicks Answerphones, doorbells, oven timers: all harmless appliances that make our lives easier…right? In playwright Michael Frayn’s hands, such ‘helpful’ gadgets become torture devices inflicting confusion and disarray on a range of endearingly hapless characters. A funny and often philosophical series of short farces, Alarms and Excursions is the latest in The ...

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The Beekeeper – Waterloo East, London

Writer: Michael Ashton Director: Adrian McDougall Reviewer: Theo Cowan [rating: 3]   Michael Ashton’s The Beekeeper explores the unusual relationship built between Monowitz prisoner Menachem Stressler (Eliot Giuralarocca) and Commandant Richard Baer (Robert Harding). Protagonist Stressler is Monowitz’s allocated beekeeper, supplying honey for the Nazi officers. Seen by his peers as a collaborator, he is kept in isolation by the ...

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