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Al Murray The Pub Landlord: Let’s Go Backwards Together – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Donna Kelly Ever since Al Murray created The Pub Landlord back in 1994 at the Edinburgh Festival, the fictional publican has become known for his love of all things British. The bar-based-braveheart even ran against Nigel Farage for the parliamentary constituency of South Thanet last year as leader of the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP), gaining an impressive 318 ...

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Lucy Porter: Consequences – The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Reviewer: R G Balgray Grounded. That’s what Lucy Porter is. Within the first ten minutes of her show Consequences, at the Pleasance Courtyard, she’s effortlessly established her audience participation (with a hostess trolley – a nice touch) and marked out her personal territory: London suburban – Pinner – and “middle middle” class. From thereon in, she leads her packed and ...

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Late With Lance! – The Counting House, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Amy Taylor Lance is a performer, a visionary, a jack of all trades behind the stage on his two gay dads’ cruise ship, who longs to have this moment in the limelight. For one night only, he’s in town with his chat show, Late With Lance! and he’s invited Hugh Jackman, Liza Minelli and Miami Sound Machine to be ...

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Confessions of a Red-Headed Coffeeshop Girl – Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

gilded balloon teviot redheaded coffee shop girl

Writer: Rebecca Perry Director: Matt Bernard Musical Director: Quinton Naughton Reviewer: Jaclyn Martin Joanie Little is working in a coffeeshop jungle – there’s a gorilla(her boss), a peacock (her ex) and many more interesting exotic creatures everyday… Well, this is how she imagines it, anyway. She didn’t dream of being a barista, it’s just a job she’s got stuck working ...

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Lisa Gornick’s Live Drawing Show – Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

Writer &Director: Lisa Gornick Reviewer: Jaclyn Martin Mix story-telling, family history, drawing, painting, music and technology onto a palette and Lisa Gornick's Live Drawing Show is the resulting work of art. This is an autobiographical journey through Lisa’s childhood and relationship with her grandmother. Fans of family history will appreciate a look back at her grandmother's journey from Jewish Russian ...

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Ushers: The Front of House Musical – Momentum Grand @ St. Stephens, Edinburgh

Composer: Yiannis Koutsakos Lyrics: James Oban &Yiannis Koutsakos Book: James Rottger Director: Max Reynolds Reviewer: Jaclyn Martin Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats as homage is paid to the unsung heroes of theatre, the hardworking front of house staff – the ushers. Well, unsung until now; In this new musical there will, of course, be plenty of singing. It's ...

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Going Viral – Northern Stage at Summerhall, Edinburgh

Writer: Daniel Bye Director: Dick Bonham Reviewer: Jaclyn Martin You're on a flight, sat next to an attractive young lady. You're both watching the same "schlocky" movie about a diseased monkey who has bitten and passed on the disease. You make polite conversation and offer the lady a nut. She accepts, then returns to watching the movie. Soon, she is ...

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The Hideout – C Nova, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Sara Jackson If you had to answer the question “What is ‘fringe’ theatre?”, you could do a lot of worse than simply pointing to this wonderful hour and replying “that”. We join Haste Theatre – a collective of half-a-dozen women – in one of C’s endless tiny rooms, as the gods Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Hades welcome us to a ...

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