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East – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer: Steven Berkoff Director: Jessica Lazar Reviewer: Stephen Bates Returning to the King’s Head where it made its debut in 1975, East, Steven Berkoff’s angry and unsentimental homage to London’s East End, has lost none of its potency. Now, as then, there is a sense that the theatre’s location, in North London bordering on the East, provides the writer with ...

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BRIGHTON ROCKS: Our Brighton Fringe Picks – 14-15 May

It doesn’t seem a week ago that Brighton Fringe 2016 opened. So many great shows and great conversations have flowed since then but the Fringe has barely started and there is so much more to come. Weekends are particularly busy times at the Fringe so to guide you through them, we’ve picked out another five highlights for the second weekend ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Distortion – Sweet Waterfront

WriterandDirector: Molly Bater Reviewer: Paul Couch   Think of the word ‘paedophile’ and the likelihood is that most people will conjure up a vision of some seedy middle-aged man hanging around school gates or sitting at home on his computer downloading,creating,and exchanging illegal porn on the Dark Web. But what about when the perpetrator is a woman? What about if ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: East – 88 London Road

Writer: Steven Berkoff Director: Alan Perrin Reviewer: Paul Couch Imagine, if you will, an unlikely turn of events: William Shakespeare meets Dylan Thomas and they pop into The Queen Vic in Albert Square, where they’re both promptly duffed over by Steven Berkoff and some ‘slaaag’ called Sylv- “‘Ere, leave it, Steve – they’re not worth it!” Okay, it’s an absurd ...

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