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We Can Time Travel – Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer: Dom Coyote and Rich Rusk Music & lyrics: Dom Coyote Director: Rich Rusk Reviewer: Phil Goodwin Dom Coyote’s sci-fi themed slice of ‘gig theatre’ takes us on an HG Wells-infused journey back and forth in time. We first meet the time-traveling, real-life Dominic Lawton in his nerdy flat, which is packed out with analogue synths and a collection of ...

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The Kneebone Cadillac – Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer:  Carl Grose Director: Simon Stokes Reviewer: Joan Phillips In the programme notes writer Carl Grose talks about being taken to United Downs as a child and how he always wanted to write about the area and the people he saw there. If you Google United Downs, the first five things that come up are: tip, dump, waste, industrial estate and banger racing. It ...

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49 Donkeys Hanged – Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer:  Carl Grose Director: Simon Stokes Reviewer: Joan Phillips It would be interesting to get a neurological survey conducted on Carl Grose’s brain. It might help explain how he came to write the funny, thoughtful and brilliantly original play which is 49 Donkeys Hanged. Inspired by spotting a roadside news headline ’49 Donkeys Hanged’ when he was touring South Africa in 1999, ...

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Songs For The End Of The World – Liverpool Everyman

Writers: Dom Coyote, Michael Vale and Tom Penn Director: Dom Coyote Reviewer: Daryl Holden Songs for the End of the World has an undoubtedly intriguing premise. A part gig, part show following a man who, when the world turns on itself, is left suspended in Earth’s orbit on his way to kick-start a new Eden on Mars.  Now, with nothing ...

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Obama The Mamba – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Geirge Obama &Damian Lewis Adaptor: Kevin Fegan Music: Dom Coyote and Michael Searl Director: Kully Thiarai Reviewer: Dave Cunningham [Rating:4] It is not uncommon for politicians to have embarrassing relatives –like George W. Bush, Teddy Kennedy or Mark Thatcher. Barrack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, also has a skeleton in his closet. His half brother, George Hussein ...

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