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Dick Tracy – Northcott, Exeter

Dick Tracy - Le Navet Bete

Director: John Nicholson  Designer: Phil Eddolls  Reviewer: Bethan Highgate-Betts It's taken 10 years for Exeter-based company Le Navet Bete to get into the Northcott Theatre and, now that they are associate artists, it doesn’t look like they'll be leaving anytime soon. Their Northcott debut sees the resurrection of – for the very last time, their much-loved take on Dick Tracy. Known for ...

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Dick Tracy – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writers: Le Navet Bête collaboration Director: John Nicholson Reviewer: Joan Phillips Dick Tracy is a busy man. He has been cleaning up the city from the organised crime capers of criminal mastermind Big Boy Caprice and his merry bunch of henchmen; The Squealer, Cueball and Flat Top. First he stops them pulling off a jewellery heist, then a bank job ...

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Dick Tracy – The Civic, Barnsley

Director: John Nicholson Reviewer: Rosie Revell The Man With The Hat Is Back! Ooops- wrong show! but highly appropriate, as world -famous, yellow loving, square jawed “by the book” comic strip detective Dick Tracy returns and is given the Le Navet Bete treatment. To those uninitiated, that treatment is a highly clever and hysterically funny in this slightly silly show; ...

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